All Eyes On the Future of Medicine

The Walter Wright Symposium has been around since before The Beatles came to America. Now in its 56th year, the event continues to uphold an old tradition of new discoveries.

Though the symposium has served as a significant educational purpose in the past, its focus lies in present and upcoming innovations. The 2016 theme is “A Practical Approach to Navigating the Future.”

The event’s ongoing initiative is to improve care in the field of ophthalmology, every year bringing a fresh batch of research and brand new techniques.

This year’s session topics will include the use of selfies and GoPro in retinal imaging, a recent development in the way brand new technology can be used in the medical community.

In fact, the field of ophthalmology is ripe with medical advances. Researchers are developing a low-cost eye test that aids in early detection of Parkinson’s disease, and the public is becoming increasingly aware of the need for ongoing vision monitoring.

A conversation surrounding vitamin supplements has also broadened in recent years, thanks to the findings from AREDS 2 that suggests key nutrients can boost eye health over time.

The Walter Wright Symposium offers an opportunity to discuss the issue with relevant presentations as well as a question and answer period.

The 56th Annual Ophthalmology Update Walter Wright Symposium will take place December 2-3, 2016. For more information, visit