Celebrating Excellence at CPD – 2015-2016 Award Winners

CPD has eight annual Awards in Continuing Education that recognize excellence in research, scholarship, innovation, teamwork and long term commitment to continuing education for faculty at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.

This year seven awards were distributed. We are pleased to share the names and accomplishments of the 2015-2016 winners. Congratulations!

Colin Woolf Course Coordination –
Dr. Cindy Grief and Ms. Lisa Sokoloff

Dr. Grief and Ms. Sokoloff have capitalized on technology to maximize delivery of their programs in geriatric mental health. Through teleconferencing based demonstrations, online-learning and live interaction during sessions they have been able to offer a relevant program that has reached many learners across Canada. Feedback from participants has shown positive practice change from knowledge gained.

Colin Woolf Teaching Excellence –
Dr. Jonathan Pirie

Dr. Pirie, a paediatric emergency medicine physician, has demonstrated excellence in all aspects of teaching over many years. He is recognized here for his consistent, outstanding teaching across all levels of CME. His teaching is highly regarded for his ability to combine content mastery with highly effective teaching style leading to repeatedly high teaching evaluations. As an innovator of CME program development for ER medicine, has assisted in course directing national paediatric CME events. He has also held leadership roles in ER Fellowship and the Simulation program at Sick Kids Learning Institute.

Colin Woolf for Long Term Contribution to CME –
Ms Kieng Tan and Ms Lisa Di Prospero

Ms. Tan and Ms. Di Propsero are radiation therapists and Assistant Professors in the Department of Radiation Oncology. They have contributed substantially to CPD over the years and receiving recognition for their work. In addition to their individual accomplishments, they have come together to develop and deliver a yearly Radiation Therapy Conference that has international reach. Described by their nominee as “pioneers” they have not only initiated but sustained over years the enthusiasm, commitment and excellence meant to be celebrated by this award.

Ivan Silver Award for Innovation in CE –
Dr. Walid Farhat

Dr. Farhat is a paediatric urologist recognized for the development and sustained involvement in the Paediatric Urology Laproscopy course. Over the last 10 years, this unique course has demonstrated innovation in a CME-accredited course in multiple ways. The format includes didactic sessions, panel discussions and hands on lab-training in procedures with direct preceptorship for each skill station. The content is innovative in its approach to include skills currently in use in paediatric urology and skills such as robotics in surgery which is recognized as the future of paediatric urology.

Dave Davis –
Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingham and Dr. David Wiljer

Drs Sockalingham and Wiljer are this year’s recipients of the Dave Davis Research award in CME. Their research has explored factors that exist in residents that influence the life long learning practices which is inextricably linked with CME in the practicing physician. They have examined the development of lifelong learning skills in relation to psychiatry residents motivation to learn. This research has lead to peer-reviewed publication.

Inter-professional Education –
Dr. Peranson and Team

Dr. Peranson and her multidisciplinary team at St. Michael’s Department of Family and Community Medicine used a new site opening as an opportunity to formalize inter-professional learning. It was recognized that all health care professionals needed to learn teaching skills for trainees and a program was developed to teach these health care professionals together. This exceptionally well-developed program demonstrated and exemplified at all levels—planning, development, teaching, and participation, the fundamentals of inter-professional education.

Fear Fellowship –
Dr. Karen Devon and Dr. Andrea Waddell

This year’s Fear Fellowship, which provides funds to further CME-related endeavors–will be granted to two co-winners.

Dr. Karen Devon has been a pioneer in formalizing ethics training for surgical trainees and practicing surgeons. Her innovations include development of Surgical Ethics M & M rounds which is now a foundation at U of T in the Department of Surgery. She has developed a plan to extend this program and she will use her Fear Fellowship to extend this work nationally.

Dr. Andrea Waddell, a psychiatrist with significant credentials and experience in Quality Improvement, will use this opportunity to develop formal skills in fostering quality improvement in healthcare among her peers and colleagues. Dr. Waddell recognizes the importance of developing QI skills in all physicians and will formally train as a coach in QI development which will have impact in her own department and more broadly in the Faculty of Medicine.