Interpersonal Psychotherapy in the 21st Century: Innovations, Challenges, and Discoveries

Relationships and their central importance in health and mental health are the focus of Interpersonal Psychotherapy – a time-limited evidence-supported treatment in consensus guidelines for many mental health conditions. For those interested in this area, the 7th biennial International Society of Interpersonal Psychotherapy (ISIPT) conference will be held in Toronto from June 14-17th, 2017. The ISIPT is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing research, treatment and dissemination of IPT globally with almost 450 members from over 25 countries. This biennial conference is open to all interested in psychotherapy, and mental health treatment and training.

Pre-conference workshops will be held from June 14th to 15th. These sessions will help participants to expand their clinical repertoire in IPT.  Workshops on depression across the lifespan, bipolar disorder, PTSD, Social Deficits, Grief, Panic Spectrum Symptoms and more are offered. An introductory workshop is also available for those new to IPT.

The main conference will feature keynote and concurrent sessions from June 16th to 17th. Topics will include: Global mental health, Using new media and technology in IPT and Clinical applications with differing patient populations. Faculty from 16 countries – Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S will attend.

Review the conference agenda for a complete list of speakers, workshops and presentations. For more information and to register visit