Award-Winning CPD Program Returning in the New Year

CPD is pleased to announce that its own certificate program, Leading and Influencing Change in CPD, will be returning in February 2018. The program, which received the Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award in 2014, has enjoyed success well beyond ceremonial accolades, as participants routinely praise its faculty and format each year.

The specific aim of Leading Change to provide participants with a broad range of valuable management and leadership skills in the creation of CPD initiatives. Through interactive exercises, small group workshops, mentor groups and more, Leading Change is a program that uniquely prepares the next wave of leaders to spearhead the advancement of continuing professional development. Some of the key areas of focus include learning principles and theories, design and delivery methods, and invaluable lessons on fostering critical partnerships and collaborations across sectors.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be better prepared and able to identify and understand the forces of change in the healthcare environment as well as the opportunities and challenges they present. Above all, participants will have the skills necessary to create and deploy innovative programs that will address these changes head on, overcoming the potential barriers they present.

Leading Change is a two-week program. Week one runs from Feb 26th – March 2nd , 2018 and week two runs form Oct 22-28th, 2018. Applications will be accepted until January 18th, 2018. Visit the program website to learn more.