Marketing innovation a ‘win’ for CPD learner

CPD’s innovative programming is at the pulse of healthcare education. Between multidisciplinary conferences like the Indigenous Health Conference – with a biennial attendance of over 600, specialized lab-based cadaveric workshops like TaTME and dynamic webinar series like Safer Opioid Prescribing, CPD continues to serve the changing needs of our diverse healthcare community.

In addition to innovative programs, CPD is always looking for new ways to get the right message to our learners. To help in achieving this end, our first ever contest was launched. Held from mid-January to mid-February 2018, the contest, designed to understand areas of interest, required learners to update their profiles for a chance to win up to $1000 towards registration at an upcoming CPD program or conference.

Over the month-long contest, just over 1300 profiles were updated. “The response was amazing! The lucky winner is Dr. Nayana Suchak. We’re looking forward to welcoming Dr. Suchak to an upcoming conference in the fall.” said Renice Jones, Manager of Marketing and Communications for CPD.

If you missed out on the contest, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on any of CPD’s upcoming programs and conferences. Review the complete list in the FOM alumni newsletter or at