5th Annual Burn Care Conference to Explore Innovations through Research

The Canadian Burn Network Conference has established itself as the country’s premier burn care meeting for a range of professionals by addressing one of the true multidisciplinary challenges. Since its inception, the meeting has offered a concurrent program geared specifically towards first responders, appealing well beyond the domain of healthcare specialists. The meeting returns to Toronto to commemorate its 5th year, this time focussing on innovations in research and founding the Canadian Burn Association.

Program Director Dr. Marc Jeschke of Sunnybrook’s Ross Tilley Burn Centre spoke about the new Association in his welcome letter, saying it will enable specialists to “come together as a country and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, such as mass casualties or natural catastrophes.” Further, it will allow for the development of nation-wide studies and protocols, ultimately leading to improved and more organized outcomes. It will culminate in a database developed and accessed by professionals across Canada. Such a network is proving necessary, as Dr. Jeschke indicated that different regions of the country face unique challenges in burn care.

“Communicating and identifying these needs for each province and each burn centre is crucial. Once you have captured national data, I think you can focus and streamline, and identify how we can actually improve our outcomes.” He said during a phone interview.

Whether it’s through unifying the various specialties for three days each year, or the ongoing development of a national organization, Dr. Jeschke’s efforts to establish an enduring and supportive dialogue that recognizes the integral interdependence of all who work in burn care are being realized.

The 5th Annual Canadian Burn Network Conference will run from October 28 – 30, 2018. Abstracts are being accepted until July 3, 2018. Topics include scarring, complex wounds, ASD/PTSD and longterm outcomes. Visit the conference website for more information.