Congratulations to the Continuing Professional Development COVID-19 Response Fund Recipients

We would like to thank all of the applicants to the CPD COVID-19 Response Fund for their thoughtfulness and effort in quickly assembling teams and ideas to support their projects related to COVID-19 and Continuing Professional Development. The response from our community was impressive, we received 26 applications for funding, and we are happy to announce that the following 7 projects have received funding from the CPD COVID-19 Response Fund:

Project Title: Re-Deployment in Response to COVID-19: Knowledge Mobilization for Occupational and Physiotherapy
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Sylvia Langlois
Team Members: Mylopoulos M, Switzer-McIntyre S, Tassone M.

Project Title: Awareness and capacity strengthening of African rehabilitation professionals on COVID-19 to optimise health services in African contexts
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Lynn Cockburn
Team Members: Ngeh E, Chigbo N, Whitehouse Z, Mukaruzima L, Sichela J, Musago K, Kitur R, Lindelwa, Belay M, Kamere C, Shirima R.

Project Title: Creating and Sustaining the Pivot to Virtual Primary Care: Implementation and Evaluation of the Virtual Care Competency Training Roadmap (ViCCTR)
Principal Investigator(s): Drs. Nikki Woods, Risa Freeman
Team Members: Kulasegaram M, Mylopoulos M, Rowland P, Rojas D, Murdoch S, Grundland B, Papadakos T, Paul R, Moaveni A, Whitehead C.

Project Title: Rapid Knowledge Mobilization in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Paula Rowland
Team Members: Lowe M, Tripp T, Richardson J, Anderson M, Oja L, Tavares W, Woods N, Ng S.

Project Title: Evaluating Rapid Implementation of Educational Resources During a Pandemic: The Case of the Quick ICU Training for COVID-19 Initiative
Principal Investigator(s): Drs. Ryan Brydges, Dominque Piquette
Team Members: Ng S, Onurya B, Spring J, Cuthbertson B.

Project Title: Experiencing Covid-19 through virtual reality: The patient’s perspective
Principal Investigator(s): Prof. Lisa DiProspero
Team Members: Thomson H, Legere L, Harth T, Parzanese M, Rashleigh L.

Project Title: Rapid Upscaling of Psychiatric Virtual Care Education in Response to COVID-19
Principal Investigator(s): Dr. David Rojas
Team Members: Paul R, Whitehead C, Vigod S, Wasserman L, Barker L, Wright E.

We would also like to extend our appreciation to the Temerty Foundation and the Dean’s COVID-19 Priority Fund who made this funding possible and to the members of the adjudication committee for their time and attention in reviewing the grants: Dr. David Wiljer, Dr. Mark Feldman, Dr. Betsy Williams, Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss, Ms. Morag Paton, Dr. Sophie Soklaridis, Dr. Tina Martimianakis, Dr. Ivan Silver and Dr. Anna Banerji.

The Continuing Professional Development office is working closely with our Academic and Clinical partners to provide important COVID resources for our community. Stay current on the most recent information by visiting our COVID-19 Resource Library.