Centering EDI in Medical Research

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Centering EDI in Medical Research

CPD’s new 10-part digital series: Centering EDI in Medical Research, promotes the integration of EDI-related considerations in research design and practices to achieve a more equitable, diverse and inclusive health care system.

Led by academics, clinician-scientists, EDI practitioners and social justice advocates, the series examines various aspects of current and emerging priorities in health care focused on pediatric health.  The series explores how the application of inclusive best practice, and a focus on the social determinants of health, not only highlights issues of disparity but is essential to develop frameworks to increase access, remove barriers and improve health outcomes.

This series is designed for researchers from multiple disciplines looking to frame their medical and health research through an equity, diversity and inclusion lens. It will also be of benefit to healthcare professionals seeking to explore equity, diversity and inclusion practices to improve their practice and engagement

This series starts on March 18, 2021 at 2pm with a session led by Dr. Ronald Cohn on Bringing Health Equitable Outcomes into Focus. You can review the complete list of speakers and sessions on the series website. Register today to secure your spot.