Taking Action on Planetary Health – New Digital Certificate Program Starts February 2023

The World Health Organization has called climate change the “biggest health threat facing humanity” (WHO Newsroom, 2021) and The Lancet has identified addressing climate change the “greatest opportunity to redefine the social and environmental determinants of health” (Lancet Countdown, 2021).

With the complex connections between environmental health and human health becoming increasingly apparent, the necessity for healthcare professionals to incorporate climate resilient approaches in their practice and research is more important than ever.

Recognizing the need to equip healthcare providers with knowledge and skills to respond to the challenges posed by climate change on human health, we are excited to announce a new digital certificate program in planetary health.

Taking Action on Planetary Health will introduce participants to the emerging, transdisciplinary, and solutions-oriented academic field and social movement of planetary health, which is focused on analyzing and addressing the impacts of human disruptions to Earth’s natural systems on human health and all life on Earth.

Over the course of 7 team-based, online sessions (4 synchronous and 3 asynchronous) running from February 17 – June 23, 2023, participants will explore key planetary health concepts and frameworks, collaborate with a diverse group of learners, and apply planetary health principles through several group-based exercises.

This program will be of interest to primary care and specialist physicians, residents, nurses and nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, and allied health professionals who are interested in learning more about the relationship between the environment and health through interdisciplinary perspectives, developing an adaptable systems-thinking approach, and becoming advocates for planetary health promotion and action.

Upon completion of the certificate program in planetary health, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the scope of the planetary health crisis as it affects individual and population health
  • Assess and critique proposed principles and frameworks of planetary health
  • Recognize opportunities for more sustainable and equitable healthcare delivery on micro, meso, and macro levels
  • Design and implement a plan to apply planetary health principles within one’s role as a healthcare professional

We hope you will take part in this innovative offering and share this news with those who may be interested. Registration is now open.

Visit the program website to learn more and register today.