Fall Program Highlights

Health by Design: An Introduction to Design Thinking Starts October 5, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program Dive into the theory and practice of human-centered design for healthcare contexts. Explore how design mindsets and methods can power the development of new health systems, services, and products rooted in people’s lived experiences. CPD Foundations Starts October 10, […]

Upcoming Fall Conferences

T-CAIREM AI in Medicine Conference October 12 – 13, 2023 | Toronto T-CAIREM’s inaugural conference will focus on Canada’s role in the rapidly evolving field of AI in medicine. Professionals from across the country will share how we can deploy AI in clinical practice in order to streamline practice and improve patient care. Canadian Children, […]

New Conference Aims to Improve GI and Liver Health in Primary Care

According to the Digestive Health Foundation of Canada, close to 20 million Canadians live with a digestive disorder each year. Studies over the past two decades have also found increasing connections between digestive health and overall health (Guarner and Malagelada, The Lancet, 2003). Given the prevalence of GI and liver conditions, and the impact these […]

Interprofessional Conference Strives to Improve Health and Well-being of People with Developmental Disabilities Across the Lifespan

Building on the momentum and legacy of the newly revised conference in 2022, the Canadian Health and Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities Conference returns this year on February 8 and 9, 2023. Returning to a digital conference platform allows us to widen participation and build dialogue from coast-to-coast. Attendees will connect with health care providers, allied […]

New Child Nutrition Digital Series Offers a Practical Approach to Pediatric Nutrition

There is mounting evidence that nutrition plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of young people, and in the prevention and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity (WHO Newsroom, 2020). However, nutrition education in Canadian medical schools is limited (Collier, CMAJ, 2009). Many physicians also report feeling […]

Taking Action on Planetary Health: New Digital Certificate Program Starts February 2023

The World Health Organization has called climate change the “biggest health threat facing humanity” (WHO Newsroom, 2021) and The Lancet has identified addressing climate change the “greatest opportunity to redefine the social and environmental determinants of health” (Lancet Countdown, 2021). The connections between environment and health are clear. From air pollution and disease outbreaks to […]

Pathology Update Returns in November 2022 to Explore Genitourinary Pathology

Pathology Update returns in a digital format this year to explore the theme: Genitourinary Pathology: Practical Approaches and Emerging Issues. Join us online on November 3 and 4, 2022, as we review recently described entities and contemporary approaches to commonly encountered and diagnostically challenging areas of genitourinary pathology. In addition to learning from expert faculty […]