Saturday, March 27th, 2021

0745 Digital Platform Orientation, Self-guided


0800 “Alternative facts” — decades of misinformation about breast cancer screening
Daniel Kopans
0830 What the Canadians should know about the CNBSS (the Canadian national breastscreening studies)
Daniel Kopans
0900 Screening Indicators
Derek Muradali
0930 Single view asymmetries — what next?
Nancy Wadden
1000 Break & Exhibitor Hall Tour
1030 Demystifying Overdiagnosis
Daniel Kopans
1100 Missed Cancers
Derek Muradali
1130 Post breast cancer surveillance
Vivianne Freitas
1200 Screening updates: DBT, CEM & Ultrasound
Supriya Kulkarni
1230 Lunch break & Exhibitor Hall Tour

Reconstructed Breast

1330 Breast MRI of Implants: All you need to know
Sandeep Ghai
1400 Textured Implants: Challenges
Stefan Hofer
1430 Challenges with imaging and intervention in reconstructed breasts
Supriya Kulkarni & Phillip Williams
1500 Break & Exhibitor Hall Tour


1530 Applications of AI for breast imaging
Anne Martel
1600 BIRADS 4: High risk MRI case series
Abdullah Alabousi
1630 Preoperative breast cancer staging with MRI -An Unfulfilled promise?
Allison Grant
1700 Muffins rise and Lead Falls- A look beyond
Hemi Dua
1730 Adjourn