Day 1: Friday October 21, 2022

All times Eastern.

11:00am-11:15am Welcome
Emcee: Raissa Amany (she/her/elle); Self-Advocate
Conference Director: Ripudaman Singh Minhas MD MPH FRCPC (he/him); St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto
11:15am-12:15pm Keynote A
Beyond the 101 – Addressing 2SLGBTQIA+ Health Inequity for Children and Youth

Presenter: Fae Johnstone MSW (she/they); Executive Director, Wisdom2Action
12:15pm-12:30pm Break

Breakout A

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Assessment: A School District – Community Partnership for Supporting Students and Their Families, Experiencing Multiple Barriers
    Presenters: Michelle Schmidt, School District No. 36 (Surrey); Diana Di Cesare, School District No. 36 (Surrey); Judith Magrill, School District No. 36 (Surrey); Sophie Cooper, School District No. 36 (Surrey); Petulla Dedish, School District No. 36 (Surrey).
    Developmental and Mental Health
  2. Building Health Equity in Research: Lessons Learnt from the COVID-19 seroMARK Projects among Black Canadian Communities
    Presenters: Upton Allen, Hospital for Sick Children; Chantal Phillips, University of Toronto; Renee Bailey, University of Toronto; Alicia Polack, University of Toronto; Matthew Huang, McMaster University; Additional Authors: Carl James, York University; Julia Upton, Hospital for Sick Children; Isaac Odame, Hospital for Sick Children; Melanie Kirby, Hospital for Sick Children; Annette Bailey, Toronto Metropolitan University
    Race-based Health and Inequity
  3. Critical Health Equity Actions in a Youth Mental Health System: Reflections and Transformations from COVID-19
    Presenters: Kaitlyn Gilham, Centre for Addictions and Mental Health; Nakita Sunar, Centre for Addictions and Mental Health
    Developmental and Mental Health
  4. Mapping Towards Bridging Disparities and Gaps in Services in the City of Toronto
    Presenter: Alicia Gonen, Surrey Place; Additional Authors: Kim Daniel, Surrey Place
    Health Services and Systems
1:30pm-2:30pm Poster Viewing & Networking Break

Breakout B

  1. A Trauma Informed Approach for Working with Youth Survivors of War and Torture Post-COVID 19
    Presenters: Nadia Umadat, Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture
    Race-based Health and Inequity
  2. Building an Anti-Oppressive Community-Based Participatory Research Program Alongside Community Partners in the Peel Region
    Presenters: Dianne Fierheller, Trillium Health Partners; Chelsea D’Silva, Trillium Health Partners; Zenlea Ian, Trillium Health Partners
    Health Services and Systems
  3. Navigating Medically Complex Transitional Aged Youth with Developmental and/or Intellectual Disabilities to Have Equal Access to Primary Care in the Adult Service System
    Presenter: Whitney Faragher, Community Networks of Specialized Care- Central East; Additional Authors: Sandra Martino, Community Networks of Specialized Care- Central East
    Developmental and Mental Health
  4. Using an Equity and Trauma-Informed Lens to Address Food Insecurity Across the Ages
    Presenters: Meta van den Heuvel MD PhD, Hospital for Sick Children; Valerie Tarasuk PhD, University of Toronto; Vipin Saini, Seva Food Bank
    Health Services and Systems
  5. We are Still Here: Understanding Persistent Dehumanizing Trauma Theory (PDTT) and the Unique Mental Health Impacts of Indigenous Specific Systemic Racism
    Presenters: Tracy Underwood PhD (c ), University of Victoria; Dr. Laurie Harding, University of Victoria; Dr. Sarah Wright Cardinal, University of Victoria; Katherine McDonald Doctoral student, Yorkville University
    Indigenous Health and Inequity
3:30pm-3:45pm Break
3:45pm-4:45pm Keynote B
Grassroots, Community and Policy: Three Different Dimensions to Advocacy

Panelists: Javeed Sukhera MD PhD FRCPC, Hartford Hospital & Yale University School of Medicine; Sarah Austin, Children’s First Canada; Yanique Brandford, Help A Girl Out
4:45pm-5:00pm Closing Remarks
Emcee: Raissa Amany (she/her/elle); Self-Advocate
Conference Director: Ripudaman Singh Minhas MD MPH FRCPC (he/him); St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health Toronto