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  1. Physical distancing measures created urgent need for virtual care across our system. However, formal training in virtual care is not necessarily included in the formal curricula during residency training nor is it always a part of continuing education. This is a Centre for Faculty Development Webinar

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  2. I want to use virtual care — what do I need to know?

    Use of virtual care has rapidly been rolled-out across the province. The provincial government has introduced a temporary fee code change that allows physicians to more flexibly bill for virtual visits.

    How do I decide if virtual care is an appropriate way to provide patient care?

    The College encourages physicians to consider adopting virtual care into their practice during the pandemic to help ensure access to care, to support the conservation of PPE, and to avoid increasing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Physicians should, wherever possible, provide care virtually that they would have otherwise provided in person.

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  3. Here you will find the latest information, advice and support related to medical-legal protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  4. pdf

    A quick reference for family physicians asking how to best manage in-person visits when they feel they are clinically necessary.

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  5. Canadian Medical Association resource to set up virtual care in your practice (includes link to Virtual Care playbook)

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  6. How do I balance my patients’ needs with the scarcity of resources during a pandemic? What issues do I need to be aware of to provide virtual care safely for my patients? These questions and many more will be addressed by a panel of CMPA physician advisors, to help share the latest information, advice and support for physicians related to medical-legal protection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  7. The Ontario Telehealth Network is working with its health system partners, including the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health Teams and doctors, to provide safe, effective and appropriate care during the COVID-19 outbreak. OTN has compiled a number of resources including guidance for virtual care.

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  8. This course demonstrates the physical exam over telehealth, and how to provide gentle corrective feedback to the patient to ensure it is done correctly.

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  9. Dr. Mark Dermer and Dr. John Pawlovich discuss public health campaigns during the pandemic. Hosted by Dr. Jeff Sisler.

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  10. The Virtual Neurologic Exam: Instructional videos and guidance for the COVID-19 era

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  11. 5 steps to getting virtual care up and running quickly

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  12. This guide to virtual care has been compiled by OntarioMD in collaboration with the Ontario Medical Association.

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    Virtual Care Playbook

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    A quick reference for physicians addressing the question: What Can I Use Virtual Care For?

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  15. The COVID-19 pandemic stimulated innovation in order to continue to provide access to mental health care. This catalyzed the rapid implementation of virtual health solutions for patients across the age spectrum, and in a variety of clinical contexts. In this session we draw on our experience in virtual healthcare, implementation, and health professions education to discuss practical considerations for clinicians offering direct-to-patient virtual mental health care for children, youth and adults.

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