Faculty of Medicine COVID-19 Wellness Series: Exercise and Nutrition for your Best Performance

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Eating well and exercising may be the last thing on our minds during these uncertain times as we give more attention to navigating through the new normal and work tirelessly to give the best care to our patients. However, consistent exercising and nutritional strategies are just as important and critical in order to maintain peak performance.

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In this webinar, our speakers from the University of Toronto and Stanford University will discuss and share helpful information to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Research on the effects of exercise on the immune system
  • Nutritional strategies that mitigate fatigue and improve mood and cognitive performance
  • Practical strategies for maintaining activity and exercise routines during physical distancing
  • Approaches to sustain good nutrition


Julia M.K. Alleyne MD MScCH CCFP(SEM)
Associate Director, Graduate Studies
Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine,
University of Toronto

Maryam S. Hamidi PhD FACN
Associate Director of Scholarship and Health Promotion
Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Center
Stanford University


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Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – Section 1
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About the Faculty of Medicine COVID-19 Wellness Series

Some of us are on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. Some are in the background, trying to keep our health system operating at peak efficiency. Others struggle with feeling sidelined, doing their part by remaining home to reduce community spread, yet wanting to find other ways to help, as well as continue their work and home responsibilities. Wherever we find ourselves, we are united by a desire to respond to the pandemic. But for all of us that desire is accompanied by stresses and strains. These are unique to each person and each situation, but they are real and we can’t simply push our way through them or pretend they don’t exist. We know supporting wellness — emotional and physical — is an essential element in fostering the high performing, respectful and sustainable community we seek in the Faculty of Medicine.

This webinar series provides education about some of the key areas that faculty members are identifying as important to maintain their wellbeing during the time of COVID-19.

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