Optional Non-Accredited Industry Symposia

These are non-accredited, industry sponsored, satellite symposia and are NOT part of the accredited CPEG Scientific Program.

Thursday February 8, 11:45AM – 12:15PM (Lunch Session)

Tech-Tastic: Transformation of Pediatric Diabetes Care Through Digital and Data Driven Innovation

IMAGINE… an online platform that easily and seamlessly integrates data from clinical encounters and data generated by patients, including CGM and insulin data, in a SINGLE, SECURE, TRUSTED DIGITAL SPACE accessible to patients, caregivers and their health care team.

The BC Childrens CareHub provides continuous data synchronization into a dashboard viewable by the patient/family and HCP. In this pre-CPEG bonus session, Dr. Shazhan Amed will describe how the CareHub digital platform works and share preliminary feedback from HCP and family/patient users as well as planned system improvements.

Shazhan Amed

Dr. Shazhan Amed MD FRCPC MSc.PH
Head, Division of Endocrinology
Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine
Clinical Professor, University of British Columbia


Friday February 9, 7:45AM – 8:15AM (Breakfast Session)

A Practical Approach to Identifying Rare Genetic MC4R Pathway Diseases of Obesity

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How the melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) pathway regulates satiety in our brain
  • How early-onset obesity and hyperphagia can lead to a diagnosis of MC4R pathway diseases, including Bardet-Biedl syndrome
  • How you can set up a multidisciplinary pediatric obesity clinic and integrate genetic testing to identify MC4R pathway diseases
  • How setmelanotide can help with weight management in patients living with obesity due to POMC, PCSK1, LEPR deficiency, or Bardet-Biedl syndrome
Marina Ybarra

Dr. Marina Ybarra MD MSc
Director, Pediatric Weight Management Program
London Health Sciences Centre – Children’s Hospital
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, Western University


Friday February 9, 12:45PM – 1:15PM (Lunch Session)

(Engage the Speaker) Long-Acting Growth Hormones in Pediatrics: What Do YOU Think?

Explore the first clinical experience with long-acting growth hormones in children with GHD alongside Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy, and voice your opinions on where pediatric once-weekly growth hormone replacement therapy fits in your clinical practice. This is an interactive symposium where audience discussion is highly encouraged.

  • Review the “First Clinical Experience in Managing GHD Children Treated with Somapacitan”
  • Discuss with the audience and expert where long-acting growth hormones fit within pediatric clinical practice
  • Discuss the clinical concerns that healthcare professionals have surrounding this new class of therapy
Preetha Krishnamoorthy

Dr. Preetha Krishnamoorthy MDCM FRCPC
Associate Professor
McGill University
Pediatric Endocrinologist
The Montreal Children’s Hospital