Thursday, April 6, 2017

0700 Breakfast and registration
0810 Welcome
Carol Swallow

Session #1: Breast I
Chair: Tulin Cil

0820 Management of the axilla after neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Jean-François Boileau
0840 Surgery in the face of metastatic disease
Ralph George
0900 Practice changing papers and trials of the last few years
Nicole Look Hong
0920 Audience questions and panel discussion

Session #2: Breast II
Chair: Nancy Down

0940 Who is a candidate for nipple and skin sparing mastectomy?
Jean-François Boileau
1000 Who needs neoadjuvant chemotherapy in 2017?
Sunil Verma
1030 Lymphedema: Fact or fiction?
Nancy Down
1040 Audience questions and panel discussion
1100 Break

Session #3: Surgery in the Obese Patient
Chair: Tim Jackson

1130 Bariatric surgery complications for the general surgeon
Allan Okrainec
1145 Tips for operating on the obese patient
Steve MacLellan
1200 Emerging techniques in bariatric surgery– what’s in the pipeline?
Eric Pauli
1215 Audience questions and panel discussion
1230 Lunch with exhibitors

Session #4: Hernias I: Acute Care Surgery
Chair: Lloyd Smith

1330 Loss of domain in emergency surgery
Fred Brenneman
1345 Management of acutely infected mesh
Eric Pauli
1400 Incarcerated femoral and obturator hernias – tips and tricks
Jensen Tan
1415 Strangulated paraesophageal hernias
Allan Okrainec
1430 Audience questions and panel discussion
1500 Break

Session #5: Hernias II: Complex
Chair: Fred Brenneman

1530 Potpourri of difficult hernias
Steve MacLellan
1545 Posterior component separation and TAR
Lloyd Smith
1600 Patient selection and new approaches to lap ventral hernia repair
Eric Pauli
1630 Audience questions and panel discussion



Friday, April 7, 2017

0730 Breakfast and registration

Session #6: Endoscopy
Chair: Nancy Baxter

0815 H Pylori – What’s standard of care in 2017?
Samir Grover
0830 Tips and tricks from the Skills Enhancement for Endoscopy Program©
Alaa Rostom
0845 Large polyps: Critical steps for safe, effective endoscopic resection
Chris Teshima
0900 Audience questions and panel discussion

Session #7: Colorectal I: Complications
Chair: Robert Gryfe

0915 Early obstruction: Should I ever operate?
Mantaj Brar
0930 C. diff – what to do in 2017
Sami Chadi
0945 Bubbling, and other anastomotic misfortunes
Sandra de Montbrun
1000 Sacral neuromodulation for fecal incontinence: Now available in a location near you!
Dean Elterman
1015 Parastomal hernias – Can they really be fixed?
Eric Pauli
1030 Audience questions and panel discussion
1100 Break

Session #8: Colorectal II: Consultant’s Corner
Chair: Marcus Burnstein

1130 Terminal ileal Crohn’s disease
Helen MacRae
1140 Diverticulitis with peritonitis: When, what, how?
Nancy Baxter
1150 Bad colitis – Do I really have to operate?
Stan Feinberg
1200 Sexual dysfunction and other miseries – Did I do something wrong?
Erin Kennedy
1210 Audience questions and panel discussion
1245 Lunch

Session #9: The Surgeon is Online…
Chair: Peter Stotland

1340 Communicating with patients via email and social media – Ethical and legal considerations
Ryan Snelgrove
1350 Using apps to educate patients preoperatively – Tips & tricks
Shiva Jayaraman
1400 Using apps to follow patients postoperatively – Tips & tricks
Erin Kennedy
1410 Rate your MD, surgical scorecard – How do I look in this?
Nancy Baxter
1430 Audience questions and panel discussion
1445 Break

Session #10: Staying Out of Trouble When You’re Out of Your Comfort Zone
Chair: Carol Swallow

1515 Thoracic
Michael Ko
1530 Gynecologic
Jackie Thomas
1545 Urologic
Girish Kulkarni
1600 Vascular
Daryl Kucey
1615 Audience questions and panel discussion



Saturday, April 8, 2017

0730 Breakfast and registration

Small Group Sessions

Open to all participants.
No pre-registration required for Workshops 1-2

Workshop 1 (repeated 1030-1200)
Construction of Stomas & Management of Complications
Zane Cohen & Debra Johnston
Room: Carmichael Jackson

Workshop 2 (repeated 1030-1200)
Challenging Breast Cases
Ralph George
Room: Harris

Workshop 3
Laparoscopic Colectomy and Intracorporeal Anastomosis Workshop
Peter Stotland

  • Part I.
    Review of laparoscopic colectomy from the basics to advanced
    Room: MacDonald

    • Anatomy review
    • Patient set up
    • In depth review of all steps for laparoscopic right and left colon resection from medial approach
  • Part II.
    Intracorporeal Anastomosis Workshop
    Room: Lismer
    Hands on – space is limited

    Advanced Registration Required
    • Practical dry lab demonstration
    • Simulation model with instruments and hands-on guidance by instructors
    • 1-1.5 hours of practice with stapling, suturing