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Thursday, April 12, 2018

0700 Breakfast and Registration
0800 Welcome
Carol Swallow

Session #1: Breast I

Chair: Nancy Down

0815 Management of DCIS in 2017
May Lynn Quan
0845 De-escalation of systemic Rx in ER-PR positive patient
Christine Brezden-Masley
0905 Indications and oncologic safety of nipple and skin sparing mastectomy
Nancy Down
0920 Oncoplastics in 2018
Guest Speaker TBA
0945 Audience questions and panel discussion

Session #2: Breast II

Chair: Frances Wright

1015 Breast cancer in the young woman
May Lynn Quan
1045 Management of atypical lesions
Brian Pinchuk
1100 Breast cancer in the elderly
Ralph George
1120 Top 10 papers of the past year
Nicole Look Hong
1140 Audience questions and panel discussion
1215 Lunch with Exhibitors

Session #3: Open Surgery in 2018

Chair: Shiva Jayaraman

1300 Inguinal Hernia Repair – anatomy based technique
David Chen
1345 Cholecystectomy
Colin Ward
1400 Colectomy
Peter Stotland
1420 Appendectomy
Anand Govindarajan
1435 Hernias in the young athlete – mesh or no mesh
David Chen
1450 Audience questions and panel discussion
1515 Break

Session #4: Surgical Infections – What’s New?

Chair: Ori Rotstein

1545 Pediatric perforated appendectomy
Jacob Langer
1605 Use & abuse of antibiotics for intra-abdominal infections
Ori Rotstein
1625 SSI prevention bundles
Avery Nathens
1645 Audience questions and panel discussion
1715 Adjournment

Friday, April 13, 2018

0730 Breakfast and Registration

Session #5: Endoscopy

Chair: Nancy Baxter

0800 Snares – Hot + Cold
0815 Colonoscopy without Propofol – are you ready?
0830 Colonoscopy report cards – improving your grade
Nancy Baxter
0845 Malignant polyp – how to interpret the pathology report
Robert Riddell
0900 Audience questions and panel discussion

Session #6: Premalignant GI Lesions

Chair: Peter Stotland

0930 Gall bladder polyps, porcelain and premalignancy
Sean Cleary
0950 Imaging for premalignant lesions on the biliary tree
Ryan Margau
1005 Cystic lesions of pancreas
Shiva Jayaraman
1025 Extended surgery for colorectal cancer in young patients
Stan Feinberg
1040 Audience questions and panel discussion
1100 Break

Session #7: Rectal Cancer

Chair: Erin Kennedy

1115 Philip Paty
Marcus Bernstein
Stan Feinberg
Jim Brierley
Kartik Jhaveri
1245 Lunch with exhibitors

Session #8: Old Dogs – New Tricks?

Chair: Ralph George

1330 Anal Dysplasia
Alexandra Easson
1345 Hydradenitis suppurativa
Marni Wiseman
1400 Pilonidal Sinus
Ken Woolfson
1415 Thyroid nodules
Lorne Rotstein
1430 Audience questions and panel discussion

Session #9: Lessons for Surgeons from my Second Career

Chair: Carol Swallow

1445 Dale Taylor – As a CMPA Consultant
1500 Bob Bell – As a Deputy Minister of Health
1515 Kenji Inaba – As a member of the LAPD
1530 Audience questions and panel discussion
1545 Break

Session #10: Back to Basics – Anatomy-based Technique

Chair: Shiva Jayaraman

1615 Staying out of trouble in the RUQ
Sean Cleary
1645 Intraoperative injuries to central compartment anatomy
Kenji Inaba
1715 Audience questions and panel discussion
1730 Adjournment

Saturday, April 14, 2018

0730 Breakfast and Registration

Small Group Sessions

Open to all participants. No pre-registration required.

  • Workshop 1 (repeated 1030-1200)
    Zane Cohen & Anthony De Buck
  • Workshop 2 (repeated 1030-1200)
    Breast tumour board
    Ralph George
  • Workshop 3 (repeated 1030-1200)
    Temporary Abdominal Closure
    Barbara Haas & Allan Rogers
  • Workshop 4 (repeated 1030-1200)
    Video Session: How I Do It – Oncoplastics
    Adena Scheer & Fahima Osman
1200 Adjournment