Preliminary Agenda (based on May program)

The Preliminary Agenda will be updated the week of October 5 to reflect the new digital conference schedule.

25% (minimum) of each presentation will involve interactive learning. All presentations will be followed by a Q & A period.

0700 Breakfast and Registration
0800 Opening Remarks & Performance
Opening First Nation Performance
Myobin Cheechoo
Regional Elder/Faith-Keeper Welcome
Amos Key Jr
University of Toronto Remarks
Housekeeping Remarks
Anna Banerji, Michele-Elise Burnett
0845 Opening Keynote
Skenneh (Haudenosaunee Confederacy Worldview of Well-Being)
Oren Lyons
0930 Plenary Session
Juddah’s Place: an Indigenous Evaluation. Traditional Medicine and Family Practice in Collaborative Primary Care
Rodney Haring, Karen Hill
1015 AM Break
1030 Concurrent Workshops | Session 1
Jordan’s Principle from Navigator’s Prospective
Leeann Shimoda
Trails towards Indigenous cultural safety: Racial identity caucusing for anti-racist collectives
Oonagh O’Connor, Yvette Ringham Cowan, Jin-Sun Yoon
Building A Future on the Foundation of Tradition: Indigenous drowning prevention methods and strategies
Christine Wagg, Lisa Hanson Ouellette
Canada’s “Other” Indian — The Metis
Brian Kon
Culturally secure and clinically safe nursing and midwifery care for Indigenous women
Rhonda Marriott, Juli Coffin, Melanie Robinson, Doreen Nelson
Elder Guided Mental Wellness Pathways in a faith based hospital
Bill Hill – Ro’nikonkatste
Culture as Foundation
Mary Deleary
Preparing for our Journey Home
Renée Thomas-Hill
Walking my own Pathway
Brian Smockum
1130 Travel Time
1145 Oral Abstracts | Session 1
Children’s Health
Partnering to Mobilize Indigenous Knowledge for Child and youth Health
Angela Naveau, Rachel VanEvery, Margot Latimer, John Sylliboy
Improving Access to Child Health Knowledge among Inuit Families in Ottawa: a Needs Assessment
Daniel Bierstone, Brian Hummel
Medicine Wheel Balance App: Complimentary Component to the Aaniish Naa Gegii: Children’s Health and Well-being Measure (ACHWM)
Marnie Anderson
Traditional Ways and Self-Determination
Urban Land Based Healing: A Northern Intervention Strategy
Nicole Redvers
Developing an Innu CBPR framework for health research: The canoe trip as a metaphor for a collaborative approach centred on valuing Indigenous knowledges
Leonor Ward, Mary Janet Hill
Reconciliation in Health Care
Engaging Indigenous community to improve healthcare environments: Is reconciliation within hospital spaces possible?
Vanessa Ambtman-Smith, Renee Linklater
The Journey to Becoming a Nurse: Supporting Indigenous Students to Succeed in the Nursing Program at the UofM
Tyla Turman
Walking in Two Worlds: A Model for Integrating Indigenous Knowledges of Healing and Wellbeing into the Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum
Carolyn Sturge Sparkes
Determinants of Health
Links between Health Literacy and Masculinities among young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males
James Smith, Jesse Fleay
Monitoring Indigenous health using the Pan-Canadian Health Inequalities Reporting Initiative
Nicolas de Guzman Chorny
Standing in the Matriarchal Footsteps of our Cree Ancestral Grandmothers
Kathleen McMullin
Mental Health
An Examination of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Post-Traumatic Stress among First Nations Adults Seeking Substance Use Treatment
Jessie Lund, Elaine Toombs
Designing Supports for Mental Wellness and Crisis Support Teams
Brenda Restoule
Women’s Health
Bringing Birth Home: Restoring Indigenous Midwifery
Marla Monague, Tamara Cascagnette
Revitalizing Culture and Healing: Resources to Advance Collaborative Action on FASD Prevention in Indigenous Communities
Lindsay Wolfson, Denise Lacerte
Anishinaabe Motherhood: The Act of resistance by resurging traditional pregnancy and maternal care
Amy Shawanda
Oral Health; and Resilience and a Natural Disaster
A Silver Lining? First Nations and Metis Views on Silver Diamine Fluoride to treat Early Childhood Caries
Grace Kyoon-Achan
“As a Native person in Canada you have to learn how to be strong, it’s innate in us to cope”: Indigenous stories of coping following a wildfire disaster in Alberta, Canada
Stephanie Montesanti, Kayla Fitzpatrick
Caregiving; Spirituality; and Aging
Caregivers’ stories from Kahnawake: Finding strength and support through our cultural spirituality, traditional beliefs, ceremonies, and medicines
Candida Rice
Resistance, Resilience, and Relationship: Indigenous Older Adults and Aging in the City
Lauren Brooks-Cleator, Sean Hillier
Research, Data, Information and Knowledge
Collaborative data governance to support First Nations-led overdose surveillance and data analysis in British Columbia
Soha Sabeti, Snehal Vaghela
“Anishininiiw Nanadowi’kikendamowin, Health Outcomes of Our People. The Sioux Lookout area First Nations’ Adult Health Status Report.”
Justin Wurtzel, Joan Rae
Switching lenses: confronting racism in maternity care – the need for cross cultural education
Juli Coffin, Melanie Robinson, Valerie Ah Chee, Jayne Kotz
Healthcare Systems
Supporting Indigenous Wellness through Wholeness: The Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®) Journey for Indigenous Communities
Sabrina Merali, Cheryl Yost, Grace Suva
Supporting Commercial Tobacco Interventions with Indigenous Women, Families and Communities
Sabrina Merali
The Cedar Project WelTel mHealth Program for HIV-related health and wellness among young Indigenous people who have used drugs
Kate Jongbloed
1230 Lunch & Exhibit Time
1330 Concurrent Workshops | Session 2
Providing culturally safe support regarding breastfeeding and infant feeding to Indigenous families.
Yolande Lawson
From Strategy to Action: Implementation of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control
Nicole Robinson
Moving Beyond Rhetoric and Challenging Identity Politics in the Era of Truth and Reconciliation
Michael Etherington
Lessons Learned regarding Harm reduction in Northwestern Ontario
Bob King
Indigenous Sovereignty is Sustainbility
Shannon Waters
Exploring Self-Determination Among Cree Women After the Invasion of Sexual Boundaries
Josie Auger, Lorraine Cardinal, Sharon Loonskin
Milestones in Cultural Safety & Humility transformation in BC’s Health and Wellness Ecosystem
Janene Erickson
Measuring and Monitoring Health Inequalities to Support Health Equity in Canada – A dialogue on the use of Indigenous, racialized and ethnic population data in healthcare
Dana Riley, Sharon Clarke
Cannabis Tools for Community
Deb Meness
Indigegogy – A Modern Look into the Relevance of Indigenous Health Practices
Craig Abotossaway
1430 Travel Time
1445 Suicide Prevention Panel
Allison Crawford, Joshua Stribbell, Isadore Day
1600 PM Break
1615 Special Workshop
A Continuum of Hope: Addressing Diabetes and COPD— a community centred approach to Indigenous health policy framework
Isadore Day, Mehmood Alibhai
1700 Closing Remarks
1715 Reception & Exhibit Time
1815 Adjourn for the Day