Thursday, December 3, 2020


Platform Orientation


Opening Remarks & Performance

Elder Barney Batise

Anna Banerji and Michèle-Elise Burnett

Dance Performance
Miyopin Cheechoo

Land Acknowledgement and Welcome
Stacey Laforme

Trevor Young

Housekeeping Notes
Anna Banerji


Opening Keynote

For the Love of Joyce
Michèle Audette

Moderators: Anna Banerji Michèle-Elise Burnett


Plenary Session I

Keynote: Making our circle whole again – creating an inclusive space for Two-Spirit Peoples
James Makokis


Morning Break


Concurrent Workshops – Session 1

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 01 Challenging the Delayed Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Among Indigenous Children Brenda Stade 55406 Darlene Kitty
W 02 Honouring Story to Promote Resiliency in Therapy Joanne Ginter Elaine 55386 Rodney Haring
W 04 Exploring Considerations of True Ally Ship With Indigenous Community Members in Health Research and Policy Development Angie Morris 55512 Earl Nowgesic
W 05 Elder Guided Mental Wellness Pathways in a Faith-Based Hospital Bill Hill Ro’nikonkatste 55435 Peter Jensen
W 06 Engaging Indigenous Communities to Improve Healthcare Environments: Is Reconciliation Within Hospital Spaces Possible? Vanessa Ambtman-Smith
Renee Linklater
55783 Allison Crawford


Health break


Oral Abstracts – Session 1

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
Children’s Health
O 00 A Silver Lining? First Nations and Metis Views on Silver Diamine Fluoride to treat Early Childhood Caries Grace Kyoon-Achan 55448 Susan Edwards
O 01 Partnering to Mobilize Indigenous Knowledge for Child and Youth Health Margot Latimer
Angela Naveau
John Sylliboy
Rachel VanEvery
O 02 Improving Access to Child Health Knowledge Among Inuit Families in Ottawa: A Needs Assessment Daniel Bierstone
Brian Hummel
Traditional Ways and Self-Determination
O 03 Urban Land Based Healing: A Northern Intervention Strategy Nicole Redvers 52756 Elisa Levi
O 04 Healthcare Rooted in Anishnaabe Ways: Traditional Healing Practices in Primary Health Care Settings Mariette Sutherland 55509
Reconciliation in Health Care
O 05 The Journey to Becoming a Nurse: Supporting Indigenous Students to Succeed in the Nursing Program at the University of Manitoba Tyla Turman
Audrey Richard
53121 Daniela Graziano
O 06 The Meaning of “Engagement” and Promising Practices in TB Care with Inuit: A Systematic Review of the Literature Linda Juergensen
Ursula Tkacz
Mental Health
O 07 Weaving Métis Knowledge into the Development of a Suicide Knowledge Awareness Training Program Barb Drader
Marya Leslie
Melissa Scott
55492 Alex Drossos
O 08 Valuing Community Knowledge and Insights: Building Capacity in Indigenous Youth Mental Wellness Zaida Rahaman 55520
Caregiving; Spirituality and Aging
O 09 Caregivers’ Stories From Kahnawake: Finding Strength and Support Through Our Cultural Spirituality, Traditional Beliefs, Ceremonies, and Medicines Candida Rice 54596 Melissa Whaling
O 10 Resistance, Resilience, and Relationship: Indigenous Older Adults and Aging in the City Lauren Brooks-Cleator
Sean Hillier
Research, Data, Information and Knowledge
O 11 The Development of a Genetics and Biological Specimen Survey for Three American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: A Cognitive Interview Study Julie Beans 55438 Earl Nowgesic
O 12 Understanding Aging and Cognition in Indigenous Populations in Canada Megan Van Every 55440
O 13 Collaborative Data Governance to Support First Nations: Led Overdose Surveillance and Data Analysis in British Columbia Soha Sabeti 55476
Healthcare Systems and Disaster Management
O 14 Changing Landscapes: A Snapshot of Health System Transformation in Rural Manitoba Alicia Powell 55524 Darlene Kitty
O 15 A Health Systems Response to the Health Impacts Among Indigenous Communities and Evacuees Following a Major Natural Disaster Kayla Fitzpatrick
Stephanie Montesanti
O 16 As a Native Person in Canada You Have to Learn How to Be Strong, It’s Innate in Us to Cope: Indigenous Stories of Coping Following a Wildfire Disaster in Alberta, Canada Kayla Fitzpatrick
Stephanie Montesanti

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  • 1230-1330: Healing Circle – Audra Maloney

Concurrent Workshops – Session 2

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 7 Nothing About Us Without Us: An Experience-Based Program to Increase Knowledge About Indigenous Peoples in Canada Lorrie Gallant
Amy Montour
Joyce Zazulak
55521 Lindsey Fechtig
W 8 Strong Medicine: Holding Space for Empowering Conversation About HIV Trevor Stratton 55890 Susan Edwards
W 9 Supporting the Journey to Mental Wellness for Métis in Ontario Stephanie Humphries
Wendy Stewart
60978 Joanne Meyer
W 10 Empowering Well-Being of Indigenous Youth in Foster Care Lily Ieroniawakon Deer 55894 Joshua Stribbell
W 11 Colonization and Racism: How Legal Structures Affect the Health of Indigenous Peoples Benjamin Brookwell
Cathy Guirguis
55140 Alex Drossos
W 12 Indigenous Harm Reduction; Sharing Values and Best Practices Denise Baldwin 53099 Rodney Haring


Health Break


Community-based Approaches to Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention.

Panelists: Allison Crawford, Alex Drossos, Joshua Stribbell and Isadore Day

Moderator: Renee Linklater


Afternoon Break


Plenary Session II

Noojimo Mikana: A Healing Path – Protecting our Home Fires in an Era of COVID-19
Carrie Bourassa

1715 Closing Remarks

  • Anna Banerji
  • Michèle-Elise Burnett
  • Elder Barney Batise
1730 End of Day

Friday, December 4, 2020


Opening Remarks & Performance

Opening Remarks
Anna Banerji & Michèle-Elise Burnett

Métis Blessing
Senator Raymond Bergie

Métis Fiddler Quartet
Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuk & Conlin Delbaere-Sawchuk


Plenary Sessions III

Healed Enough
Susan Aglukark

Indigenous Health: Creating Peace, Courage and Cultural Resilience
Rodney Haring

Moderators: Anna Banerji Michèle-Elise Burnett


Morning Break


Concurrent Workshops – Session 3

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 13 Lessons Learned Regarding Harm Reduction in Northwestern Ontario Bob King
Becky Shorrock
55882 Jason Pennington
W 14 Providing Culturally Safe Support Regarding Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding to Indigenous Families Yolande Lawson 52855 Lindsey Fechtig
W 15 Delivering Social Supports to Métis in Ontario for Over 25+ Years Amanda Desbiens
Jason Jamieson
60979 Joanne Meyer
W 16 Indigenous Land-Based Healing Programs Simon Brascoupe 52496 Michèle-Elise Burnett
W 17 Water is Healing: The Two Row on the Grand Paddle Journey Kelly Gordon
Ellie Joseph
55513 Peter Jensen
W 18 Cancer Among the Haudenosaunee in New York State Dean Seneca 55807 Rodney Haring


Health Break


Oral Abstracts – Session 2

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
Children’s Health
O 17 Medicine Wheel Balance App: Complimentary Component to the Aaniish Naa Gegii: Children’s Health and Well-Being Measure (ACHWM) Marnie Anderson 55499 Allyson Dill
O 18 Aaniish Naa Gegii: Children’s Health and Well-Being Measure (ACHWM) Marnie Anderson 55506
O 19 Further Strengthening Child and Family Health Through Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities Jennifer Corbiere 55883
Traditional Ways and Self-Determination
O 20 Developing an Innu CBPR Framework for Health Research: The Canoe Trip as a Metaphor for a Collaborative Approach Centred on Valuing Indigenous Knowledges Mary Janet Hill
Leonor Ward
54893 Sila Rogan
O 21 Bringing Hearts and Minds Together Cheryl Kinzel 55848
Determinants of Health and Cultural Competency and Safety
O 22 Health Leadership for Reconciliation: Enabling Cultural Safety in Health Systems – Wise Practices and Lessons Learned from the Promoting Life Together (PLT) Collaborative Kelly Brownbill
Despina Papadopoulos
Melissa Whaling Jason Pennington
O 23 Monitoring Indigenous Health Using the Pan-Canadian Health Inequalities Reporting Initiative Nicolas de Guzman Chorny
O 24 Inuusinni Aqqusaaqtara: Inuit Cancer Project Savanah Ashton
Sipporah Enuaraq
Women’s Health
O 25 Bringing Birth Home: Restoring Indigenous Midwifery Tamara Cascagnette
Marla Monague
53201 Lindsey Fechtig
O 26 Revitalizing Culture and Healing: Resources to Advance Collaborative Action on FASD Prevention in Indigenous Communities Toni WinterhoffLindsay Wolfson 53614
Healthcare Systems and Determinants of Health
O 27 Supporting Indigenous Wellness Through Wholeness: The Best Practice Spotlight Organization® (BPSO®) Journey for Indigenous Communities Greta Meekis
Grace Suva
Cheryl Yost
55488 Rodney Haring
O 28 Supporting Commercial Tobacco Interventions with Indigenous Women, Families and Communities Heather Cameron
Grace Suva
Jessica Tiboni
O 29 Stand up for Indigenous Health: A Simulation-Based Tool for Educating Family Medicine Residents About the Social Determinants of Health of Indigenous Peoples Living in Canada Amanda Sauve 55431
Research, Data, Information and Knowledge
O 30 The Right to Retire: Mortality Experiences of 59 First Nations in Northern Ontario Marilyn McLeod
Jen Walker
60245 Earl Nowgesic
O 31 Knowing Ourselves, Lighting the Way: Kahnawá:ke’s Path to Access, Understanding and Use Health Surveillance Information Colleen Fuller 55369

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Concurrent Workshops – Session 4

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 19 Engaging for Change: Developing a Framework for Health Service Provider Cultural Safety Training Chantel Antone
Stephanie McConkey
Lana Ray
Lloy Wylie
55528 Darlene Kitty
W 20 Why Indigenous Midwifery Matters: Core Competencies that Distinguish our Work Claire Dion Fletcher 55443 Elisa Levi
W 21 Home Dominic Charlie 53367 Peter Jensen
W 22 Building a Future on the Foundation of Tradition: Indigenous Drowning Prevention Methods and Strategies Emily Francis
Lisa Hanson Ouellette
Lindsey Kirby-McGregor
Chris Wagg
55378 Susan Edwards
W 23 Preparing for Our Journey Home Renée Thomas-Hill 55471 Allyson Dill
W 24 Measuring and Monitoring Health Inequalities to Support Health Equity in Canada: A Dialogue on the Use of Indigenous, Racialized and Ethnic Population Data in Healthcare Amy Nahwegahbow
Dana Riley
55458 Earl Nowgesic


Health Break


Elder’s Panel: Words of Wisdom for the Future Generations

Panelists: Elder Meeka Kakudluk, Senator Verna Porter-Brunell, Elder Barney Batise

Moderator: Peter Jensen


Afternoon Break


Plenary Sessions IV


Exploring transformative change or back to basic?

Liette Vasseur

Moderator: Michèle-Elise Burnett


The Federal Government’s Role in Supporting the Development of New Approaches to Indigenous Health Care

Marc Miller

Moderators: Anna Banerji & Michèle-Elise Burnett


Closing Remarks

  • Anna Banerji
  • Michèle-Elise Burnett
  • Senator Raymond Bergie


End of Day

Saturday, December 5, 2020


Opening Remarks & Performance

Moderator: Anna Banerji

Opening Remarks
Anna Banerji & Michèle-Elise Burnett

Elder Meeka Kakudluk


Plenary Sessions V

Moderators: Rodney Haring, Anna Banerji
Michèle-Elise Burnett

830 The Métis: A Distinct Indigenous People in Canada
Brian Kon


Juddah’s Place: An Indigenous Evaluation. Traditional Medicine and Primary Care
Bernice Downey & Karen Hill


Morning Break


Concurrent Workshops – Session 5

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 03 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Background, Challenges and Ways Forward Alex Drossos 57013 Susan Edwards
W 25 Exploring Self-Determination Among Cree Women After the Invasion of Sexual Boundaries Josie Auger
Lorraine Cardinal
Sharon Loonskin
Angela James
55686 TBD
W 26 Surgical Care in Indigenous Populations: Myths and Truths Jason Pennington 60975 Allyson Dill
W 27 Healing Circle Audra Maloney 55886 Michèle-Elise Burnett
W 28 How Can Service Providers Improve Their Support for Indigenous Women and Men Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence? Marion Maar
Lorrilee McGregor
Roger Pilon
Maurianne Reade
55020 Sila Rogan


Health Break


Oral Abstracts – Session 3

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
Children’s Health
O 32 Indigenous Parents Acceptance of Silver Diamine Fluoride to Treat ECC Herenia Lawrence 55391 TBD
O 33 Surveying Childhood Adversity and Resiliency Among Indigenous University Students in Canada Alex Luther 55477
O 34 Methods to Benefit First Nations Children’s Health Using Jordan’s Principle Funding Samantha Hill
Kurtis Martin
Determinants of Health
O 35 Links Between Health Literacy and Masculinities Among Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males James Smith
Jesse Fleay
53123 Joshua Stribbell
O 36 The Development of a Promising Practice Guide for Improving the Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth: Implications for Policy and Practice James Smith 54833
O 37 Standing in the Matriarchal Footsteps of our Cree Ancestral Grandmothers Kathleen McMullin 55395
Mental Health
O 38 An Examination of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Post-Traumatic Stress Among First Nations Adults Seeking Substance Use Treatment Jessie Lund
Elaine Toombs
55371 Allison Crawford
O 39 Designing Supports for Mental Wellness and Crisis Support Teams Brenda Restoule 55437
Women’s Health
O 40 Mature Cree Women’s Strategies for Aging Well: Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) in Maskwacis, Alberta – The Sohkitehew (Strong Heart) Group Luwana Listener 55400 Elisa Levi
O 41 Growing Together: Creating “Trees of Knowledge” to Explore the Lived Experiences of Métis Women in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood Claire Cordingley 55450
O 42 Anishinaabe Motherhood: The Act of Resistance by Resurging Traditional Pregnancy and Maternal Care Amy Shawanda 55880
Environmental Health & Healthcare Systems
O 44 The Cedar Project WelTel mHealth Program for HIV-related health and Wellness Among Young Indigenous People Who Have Used Drugs Kate Jongbloed
Sherri Pooyak
55503 Earl Nowgesic
Cultural Competency and Safety
O 45 Privileged Perspectives: Working With Vulnerable/Marginalized Populations in an Intercultural Context. Greg Riehl 55482 Lindsey Fechtig
O 46 Wabishki Bizhiko Skaanj: A Learning Pathway to Foster Better Indigenous Cultural Competence Within Canadian Health Care and Research Mary Beaucage
Arlene Desjarlais
O 47 Cultural Strength-Based Approach Used Within a Clinical Setting Michelle Keightley
Randy White
Chrysta Wood
Navigating the Healthcare System, Health Surveillance, and Healthcare Systems
O 48 A Qualitative Study to Understand the Experiences of Inuit Who Navigate the Healthcare System From the Inuit Nunangat Region of Nunavut to Receive Cancer Care in an Urban Setting Janet Jull 55426 Jason Pennington
O 49 “You Just Have to Have Other Models, Our DNA Is Different”: The Experiences of Indigenous People Who Use Illicit Drugs and/or Alcohol Accessing Substance Use Treatment Jennifer Lavalley 55367

Lunch Break

Join our Lunch Activities:

  • 1220-1250:Mindfulness Meditation and Gentle Yoga for Every Body: Allsyon Dill
  • Exhibit Hall
  • Posters

Concurrent Workshops – Session 6

ID Title Presenter(s) Number Moderator
W 30 Jordan’s Principle from Navigator’s Prospective Leeann Shimoda 55351 Alex Drossos
W 31 Translating Indigenous Community Knowledge into Clinician Curriculum Margot Latimer
John R. Sylliboy
55368 Darlene Kitty
W 32 Indigenous Harm Reduction = Reducing the Harms of Colonialism Trevor Stratton 55380 Earl Nowgesic
W 33 Culture as Foundation Mary Deleary 55478 Elisa Levi


Afternoon Break

Plenary Session VI

1435 Youth Panel: What do Indigenous Youth Need to Succeed?

Panelists: Jordyn Playne, Sila Rogan, Semiah Smith, Allsyon Dill

Moderator: Joshua Stribbell


Afternoon Break


Plenary Session VI Continuation

And Grandmother Said… Elder Wisdom from the Past for the Future
Tom Porter

Moderator: Rodney Haring


Closing Remarks

  • Anna Banerji
  • Michèle-Elise Burnett
  • Elder Meeka Kakudluk

Conferene Concludes