Online interactive case-based sessions


Medical Record-Keeping is an interactive online program that addresses the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Medical Record Keeping Policies. Using case-based exercises, peer assessments and training on practice tools, the program provides participants with skills needed to keep good medical records for their patients and their practice.

Learning Objectives

After active engagement in this program, you will be better able to:

  • Identify the benefits of keeping good medical records for your patients, their families, other medical providers and yourself
  • Articulate how your medical records must comply with CPSO policies and legislation as they relate to medical practice
  • Use appropriate documentation tools when documenting any clinical encounter

Target Audience

This program is designed for physicians from multiple disciplines looking to improve their medical records in practice. It will be of benefit to those who wish to become familiar with documentation tools for clinical encounters and to comply with CPSO policies and legislation as they relate to record keeping.

Cohort Program Dates

The program is offered monthly from September to November and February to May each year. Participants must register in one of the upcoming cohorts to complete the sessions and selectives.

The following cohorts are available:

  • 2023 Cohort 1
    February 8 & 15 and (9, 10)

  • 2023 Cohort 2
    March 1 & 3 and (2, 3)

  • 2023 Cohort 3
    April 19 & 21 and (20, 21)

  • 2023 Cohort 4
    May 17 & 24 and (18, 19, 23)

See the agenda page for specific dates and times.

93% of participants felt confident they could assess and improve their Medical Records Practice.

"Very helpful! The template and resources are great - they will help me to improve my practice."

"This has reinvigorated me and made me consider new directions in patient care."