1. When will the accreditation letter be issued?
    Accreditation letters will be issued on pre-determined dates upon completion of sessions and selectives in the cohort. If you require your accreditation letter to be issued before the scheduled date, please contact mrk.cpd@utoronto.ca to assist with this request. Note, there will be a rush administrative fee of $100.
  2. When are post-workshop assignments due?
    Post-workshop assignments for Session 1 and the selectives will be due one week after the workshop. The Post-workshop assignment for Session 2 will be due 3 weeks after the workshop. Note, late submissions are not eligible for accreditation.
  3. What is the process for reviewing assignments?
    Assignments will be reviewed and assessed based on the requirements established by the CPSO for medical record keeping. Assessors will look for evidence of individual self-reflection and commitments to change for record keeping practice.
  4. I don’t have access to patient records to complete the assignments. What can I do?
    If you do not have access to current patient records to complete the assignments please use past records or consult with a colleague. You must complete the assignments to receive full credits.
  5. How do I obtain full credits for the program?
    In order to earn full credits for this course, you will need to actively participate in each of the following activities:
    • Attend Session 1: Opportunities and Challenges (3 hours)
    • Attend Session 2: Good Medical Records Management (2 hours)
    • Attend two of the three available Selectives (1.5 h each)

    All pre-workshop and post- workshop exercises must also be completed in order to be eligible for full credits.

  6. When will I gain access to the pre-work assignments?
    Pre-work assignments will be sent up to three weeks before the start date. If you are registering less than three weeks before the workshop, you will be sent the pre-work following your registration.
  7. What is the time investment required for the pre-work?
    Registrants should allocate up to 60 minutes in order to complete the pre-work.
  8. I have another question not addressed here. Who should I contact?
    Please send an e-mail to mrk.cpd@utoronto.ca
  9. Are there specific computer requirements?
    Yes! All sessions use Zoom. Please refer to the requirements here.