Health & Wellbeing in Developmental Disabilities (Posters)

Thank-you for agreeing to present your poster at the HWDD Conference.

This web page will guide you through a series of tasks for the digital presentation of your poster. Please complete all the tasks by the deadlines listed below.

1 Prepare for Your Session

January 31

Conflict of Interest Form

Every speaker must complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

Publication Release Form

You will need to complete the following Publication Release Form.

It is mandatory that a completed conflict of interest form is submitted by all speakers and presenters by January 31, 2022. As per accreditation requirements, those who fail to submit will not be permitted to present.

Please submit the forms to CPD Conference Services.

Please note that all presenters are expected to register for the conference in order to participate. If you have not yet done this, please register here. If this presents a barrier, please advise us via email.

2 Prepare Your Presentation

January 31

Digital Poster Presentations will be delivered via a pre-recorded video. For maximum engagement we recommend your recording not exceed 3 minutes in length. Please use the information below to prepare your recording. Additionally, you will need to provide a .pdf or .jpeg (11x17” OR 8.5x11") of your poster for placement along with your recording on the conference platform.

Slide Format & Mandatory Slides

University of Toronto Accreditation conditions require that all presenters/speakers must include a disclosure slide and learning objectives slide at the beginning of their presentation, stating all real or apparent conflict(s) of interest or lack thereof and verbally notify the audience. Download Slide Template (PPT)


Content for PowerPoint presentations, websites and printed materials should not contain copyright-protected work. However, if the materials are deemed essential, the application of Fair Dealing may apply.

Patient Confidentiality

All presentations must comply with patient confidentiality agreements. Patient names should not be used, and images must not contain identifiable features (e.g., institutional location of scan, date of scan, patient date of birth, MRN, photography that shows facial or other identifiable features etc.).

Inclusive & Accessible Virtual Meetings

The Planning Committee asks that all presenters consider the potential audience when preparing and delivering presentations so that attendees feel comfortable going into presentations and understand that they will be able to fully participate in any session. To that end, we ask that you please review our Quick Tips Page on preparing inclusive and accessible virtual presentations.

3 Record and Submit Your Presentation

January 31

Use one of the options outlined below to record your presentation.

Recording Powerpoint (Mac)

The following resources will help you record your PowerPoint on a Mac:

Recording in Zoom

You can also record your presentation directly using zoom.

Recording Powerpoint (Windows)

The following resources will help you record your PowerPoint on Windows:

After reviewing the above requirements, please submit both your MP4 presentation recording and poster in pdf or jpg (11x17” OR 8.5x11") format by uploading it through this portal.

Please ensure the title of the transfer, and the title of your presentation file is named: HWDD-Poster-firstname-lastname so we are able to easily track it.

4 Day of LIVE Program

February 9 & 10

When the digital conference platform goes live, you will receive a welcome email from Pheedloop (the platform name). This will include your login username and password. Please use this to login to access the platform and attend sessions.

It is suggested that you are logged in to the platform during the dedicated hours to answer any questions you may receive about your poster. If you are unavailable during the dedicated time, you will be able to reply to any questions you missed when you next login to the platform.

If a delegate would like to get in touch with you about your poster, you will be contacted through the platforms networking feature.

This message will appear under the notifications section the platform (see screenshot, arrow #1). When you open the chat, it will appear like the screenshot below (arrow #2). You may message through text chat, or start a video chat using the green 'Join Video Call’ button.

Dedicated poster hall hours will be updated on the conference agenda. However, our poster hall is accessible throughout the duration of the conference.