Walter Wright Symposium to Explore the Evolution of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness in Canada, with over 250,000 Canadians suffering from chronic open-angle glaucoma—the most common form of the disease.

Without early detection and treatment, glaucoma may result in severe vision loss or total blindness. Furthermore, as symptoms develop slowly over time, many Canadians with glaucoma may not be aware that they have the disease until some vision loss occurs. Given the serious risks of glaucoma, it is important for ophthalmologists to be aware of the latest developments in the field, so appropriate care or preventative measures can be communicated to patients.

The main focus of the 2017 Walter Wright Symposium is the Evolution of Glaucoma. At this symposium, participants will learn about new changes in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma disorders. The unique format of the symposium— which includes electronic polling and the use of social media—allows for a participatory learning experience. After attending, participants will take away 10 key insights that can improve their own practices.

Symposium topics will include:

  • Glaucoma Public Health, Education, and Outreach
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Glaucoma Medical Management
  • Atypical Glaucoma
  • Adjuncts to Medical Therapy
  • Angle Closure Glaucoma
  • Filtering Surgery
  • Cataract Surgery considerations in patients with Glaucoma

The 57th Walter Wright Annual Ophthalmology Update will take place from December 1-2, 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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