Breast Imaging Conference set to explore Breast Cancer Screening

In December 2018, new breast cancer screening guidelines were introduced by the Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care. These guidelines were the first since 2011 and included recommendations such as:

  • Recommending women aged 50-74 (who are not at increased risk of breast cancer) to get mammograms every 2 years
  • Recommending against woman below 50 (who are not at increased risk of breast cancer) to get routine screenings

The guidelines advocate for a shared decision-making process in which patients are able to discuss the risks with their doctor and make an informed decision about undergoing screening. The updated guidelines have proven to be quite controversial, gaining both support and criticism.

Considering these new guidelines, the theme of the 2019 Toronto Breast Imaging Conference – Breast Cancer Screening – is very timely. This conference will examine the technologies that are changing the approach to the diagnosis and management of breast diseases. Topics that will be covered include screening with imaging innovation, risk stratification, increasing cancer detection rates, reducing false positives, and more.

The Toronto Breast Imaging Conference will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019, at the Women’s College Hospital Conference Centre in Toronto. Radiologists, technologists, radiology trainees, surgeons, pathologists, advanced nurse practitioners, and oncology trainees are encouraged to attend.

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