Award-Winning CPD Program Returns for 2020

Are you interested in promoting excellence, innovation, and change in continuing education initiatives for health professionals? Considering career advancement in CPD? Apply for CPD’s award-winning program, Leading and Influence Change in CPD!

This certificate program will provide participants with valuable management and leadership skills and the tools necessary to lead continuing education initiatives for health professionals in today’s complex health care environment. The program consists of two on-site instructional weeks and self-directed projects where learners are matched with a coach to assist in their development.

 Key topics will include:  

  • CPD learning principles and theories
  • Best practices in design and delivery (including simulation with e-technology and IPE)
  • CPD in patient safety, quality improvement, and knowledge translation
  • Partnerships and collaborations across sectors
  • Leadership
  • Managing CPD programs and offices

This range of topics will be covered through keynote presentations, small group workshops, interactive exercises, case based learning, coaching groups, and personal projects.

Leading and Influencing Change is a 2-week program. Week 1 runs from October 26 – October 30, 2020. To apply and learn more, visit the program website.