July 2021

Wednesday, July 7 Thursday, July 8 Friday, July 9
  • Introduction to course
  • Icebreaker and participant introductions
  • Common QI Pitfalls: Why many projects fail and what you can do about it
  • Strategic selection of QI projects to maximize likelihood of impact and success
  • Recap Day 1
  • Diagnostic tools in QI for characterizing target quality problems
  • Common QI interventions along the Hierarchy of Effectiveness
  • Recap Day 2
  • Beyond the Model for Improvement: Authentic use of PDSA to refine your QI Intervention
  • Anticipating problems and overcoming challenges to maximize return on your PDSA cycles
  • The power of small samples
  • Creating a robust measurement plan for your QI Work
  • User-centered design and the role of human factors in QI
  • Evaluating your QI impact: Statistical process control
  • Applying ethical principles to your improvement work
  • Incorporating an equity lens to your QI Work
  • Leading change through meaningful stakeholder engagement

Sept. 2021 – Apr. 2022

Seven 90-minute interactive webinars allow participants to get direct feedback from peers and faculty coaches on various aspects of their QI project and to further exploration of QI topics, in alternating months. Each Webinar group consists of 4-5 participants and 2 faculty coaches who stay together throughout the year, which deepens learning and supports networking.

  • Sep: Problem/aim statements (project update)
  • Oct: Qualitative Methods in QI
  • Nov: Measures and measurement strategy (project update)
  • Dec: Writing up QI for dissemination
  • Jan: Stakeholder engagement (project update)
  • Feb: Teaching QI
  • Mar: PDSA (project update)

May 2022

Monday, May 9 Tuesday, May 10 Wednesday, May 11

Project presentations

Building your academic QI focus

How to supervise QI Projects

Qualitative Methods in QI


Developing a business case for your QI work

Emerging topic in QI #1

Advanced quantitative evaluative design

Emerging Topic in QI #2

Effective writing strategies to publish your QI work