Agenda: August 2020 – May 2021

Wednesday, August 10 Thursday, August 11 Friday, August 12

Introduction to course

Icebreaker and participant introductions

Common QI Pitfalls: Why many projects fail and what you can do about it

Lessons learned from the front lines

Strategic selection of QI projects to maximize likelihood of impact and success

Recap Day 1

Beyond the Model for Improvement: Authentic use of PDSA to refine your QI Intervention

Anticipating problems and overcoming challenges to maximize return on your PDSA cycles

Applying ethical principles to your improvement work

Recap Day 2

Evaluating your QI impact: Statistical process control

Leading change through meaningful stakeholder engagement


Creating a robust measurement plan for your QI Work

Advanced QI diagnostics

(Diagnostic tools for characterizing target quality problems, articulating a theory to select an intervention, refining your aim statement as your project unfolds)

***Evening Networking Event (TBD)***

User-centered design and the role of human factors in QI

Teaching QI across the learning continuum

Ways to disseminate your QI work

Project proposals and feedback