Committee Disclosure

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

All U of T Presenters, Moderators, and Planning Committee Members are required to disclose any apparent conflict of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of the program. This pertains, but is not limited to, relationships within the last FIVE (5) years with for-profit organizations, not-for-profit and public sector sponsors and donors, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation.

Speakers will have an opportunity to disclose any real or apparent conflict of interest when you upload your presentation file to us. This includes:

  1. Speakers who report an affiliation or financial interest by noting the name of the company/organization and the nature of the support/affiliation
  2. Speakers who have reported that they have no commercial, financial interest or affiliation related to the subject matter of their presentation(s) in the referred to continuing education event
  3. All speakers must include a disclosure slide near the beginning of their presentation, stating all real or apparent conflict(s) of interest or lack thereof. Please place your disclosure as the second slide immediately following the title of the presentation