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Bridging Place and Social Spaces: Building Healthful Relationships Towards Indigenous Food Sovereignty in Southwestern Ontario

Author(s): Hannah Tait Neufeld, The University of Guelph; Adrianne Lickers Xavier, Royal Roads University; Kelly Gordon, Six Nations Health Services

Elders Circle

Speaker(s) Featured: Jan Kahehti, Larry McDermott, Karen Cederwall, Inuit Elder

Metal speciation in environmental health: mercury and arsenic in traditional food; environmental; and human samples from Walpole Island in 2017

Author(s): John Bend, Western University; Brian Branfireun, Western University; Naomi Williams, Walpole Island First Nation Heritage Centre; Judy Peters, Walpole Island First Nation Community Member; Regna Darnell, Western University; Rosemary Williams, Walpole Island First Nation Health Centre; Gerald McKinley, Western University

Naandwe Miikaan (Healing Path): Patient and provider experiences with a First Nations operated methadone clinic

Author(s): Marion Maar, Medical Anthropology, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury, ON, Canada; Tim Ominika; Darrel Manitowabi, Laurentian University

Supporting Indigenous Organizations with Traditional Breastfeeding Teachings

Author(s): Stephanie George, Six Nations Maternal and Child Health; Yolande Lawson, Health Nexus/Best Start Resource Centre/BFI Strategy for Ontario