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Arthritis Day: Improving the Assessment and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Disorders

Do you know anybody living with arthritis? More than likely, your answer is yes. This chronic condition is highly prevalent in Canada, affecting over 4.6 million people of all ages. As time passes, numbers are only expected to increase; by 2036, an estimated 7.5 million Canadian adults will be affected. Given this information, it’s clear […]

The Canadian Burn Symposium: A multidisciplinary event with national ambitions

The inaugural Canadian Burn Symposium in 2014 attracted an interprofessional cohort to Sunnybrook in Toronto. In the years since, the meeting has grown in both scope and attendance while also traveling across the country. Now, after stopping in Vancouver for the 2016 installment, the symposium will carry its momentum to Winnipeg for the 4th annual […]

North American Refugee Health Conference Welcomes over 650 Speakers and Participants

The North American Refugee Health Conference 2017, the largest refugee health conference of its kind, was held this June in Toronto. Designed for those at the frontline in addressing refugee health needs, this biennial conference welcomed over 650 speakers and participants making this year a great success. This one of a kind event provided participants […]

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