Fourth International Housing First Conference (Poster Presenters)

Thank-you for agreeing to be a speaker at the Fourth International Housing First Conference.

This web page will guide you through a series of tasks for your live digital presentation. Please complete all the tasks by the deadlines listed below. Click here to download a draft of the conference agenda.

1 Publication Release

September 20, 2021

Publication Release Form

You will need to complete the following Publication Release Form.

Please submit the forms to CPD Conference Services.

2 Prepare Your Presentation

September 27, 2021


Digital Poster Presentations consist of an ePoster (pdf file) and a 3-minute pre-recorded video. See sample poster booth

ePoster Requirements

See Sample ePoster Abstracts must fit on one page in portrait style (11" wide x 17" high) Posters will be submitted in PDF format Abstract must include:
  • Title
  • Authors, organizations, country
  • Learning Objectives
  • Background/issue
  • Methods/program/innovative features
  • Results/findings/implications/lessons learned (if applicable)

Pre-Recorded Video Requirements

See Sample Video 3-minute (maximum) pre-recorded video in mp4 file format Video must be in 16:9 (standard widescreen, not portrait) Video Options:
  1. Record yourself on your phone or webcam explaining your poster
  2. Record a PowerPoint presentation with slides and audio to elaborate on concepts

General Requirements


Content for PowerPoint presentations, websites and printed materials should not contain copyright-protected work. However, if the materials are deemed essential, the application of Fair Dealing may apply.

Patient Confidentiality

All presentations must comply with patient confidentiality agreements. Patient names should not be used, and images must not contain identifiable features (e.g., institutional location of scan, date of scan, patient date of birth, MRN, photography that shows facial or other identifiable features etc.).

3 Summary Bulletins

September 27, 2021

Conference presenters are required to provide one-page plain language summaries of their presentations. These summaries can be submitted in English or French. These summaries will be developed and disseminated in collaboration with Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) and conference partners and posted on the OHFRN-CoI webpage. You can download the Summary bulletin Template here. Please complete the following sections:
  1. highlighting objectives
  2. research or practice-based evidence
  3. implications for practice
  4. areas of needed policy change
  5. and related resources

4 Submit Your Presentation

September 27, 2021

After reviewing the requirements in step 2, please create your pdf poster and use one of the options outlined below to record your presentation.

Recording Powerpoint (Mac)

The following resources will help you record your PowerPoint on a Mac:

Recording in Zoom

You can also record your presentation directly using zoom.

Recording Powerpoint (Windows)

The following resources will help you record your PowerPoint on Windows:

After reviewing the requirements above please submit your final PDF document and video file in MP4 format to CPD Conference Services. Please ensure your files are named: housingfirst-firstname-lastname so we are able to easily track it. Note: If your presentation is too large to submit by email, please use WeTransfer