Fall Program Highlights

Health by Design: An Introduction to Design Thinking
Starts October 5, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program

Dive into the theory and practice of human-centered design for healthcare contexts. Explore how design mindsets and methods can power the development of new health systems, services, and products rooted in people’s lived experiences.

CPD Foundations
Starts October 10, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program

Design, develop, and implement impactful CPD for health professionals. Learn how to identify learning needs, navigate accreditation, and more to create effective CPD that facilitates practice change.

Foundational Certificate in Narrative-Based Medicine
Starts October 18, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program

Experience the transformative effects of narrative-based clinical practice in this unique certificate program. Discover how working with stories can positively impact patient care and clinician fulfillment.

Applied AI in Medicine: From Coding to Implementation
Starts October 20, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program

Master the fundamentals of AI in this intensive certificate program designed for health professionals. Develop Python programming knowledge and skills to confidently apply AI in your own field of expertise — whether that’s in the hospital, clinic, or laboratory.

Leading & Influencing Change in CPD
Starts October 25, 2023 | Digital Certificate Program

Promote excellence, innovation, and change in CPD for health professionals. Learn how to lead CPD in today’s evolving health care landscape and foster collaboration to develop new CPD initiatives.

CPD Opportunities

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