As of December 14, 2023 – CPD has transitioned our accreditation application system to a new platform. Please submit all accreditation applications here: Click here for brief instructions on how to use the new site. Please contact should you need any assistance. Thank you for your patience.

Accredited programs and conferences provide excellent learning experiences for healthcare professionals looking to stay up to date in their field. The University of Toronto’s Continuing Professional Development department in Faculty of Medicine accredits programs that meet the academic excellence and value expected from U of T.

U of T accreditation involves a peer review of the academic planning process to certify that the curriculum is rigorous, scientifically sound, and qualifies for continuing professional development credits. Each program is reviewed for its attention to educational principles, such as: needs assessment, clear objectives, appropriate format, evaluation strategies, and conflicts of interest. Applications requesting CFPC Mainpro+ certification are also reviewed by a CFPC reviewer for their relevancy to family medicine. An administrative and ethical review of applications also ensures that financial arrangements meet with University of Toronto departmental guidelines and the Policy on Sponsorship of University of Toronto Accredited Programs and Conferences.

All programs are reviewed according to the accreditation criteria established by the following bodies, thereby ensuring the awarding of credits to attendees:

Accredited programs and conferences can use the university’s name and logo to promote their program thereby ensuring that learners are aware of the quality and relevance of the program offering.

Please note, it is not permissible to advertise or promote a program with accreditation statements or any wording (as “accreditation has been applied for” or “pending”) prior to formal approval by CPD.

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