CPD Scholarship

The Office of Continuing Professional Development at the Faculty of Medicine is a key player in transforming Canadian healthcare and a global leader in continuing healthcare education research. Our research and scholarship programs aim to strengthen the linkages between CPD and knowledge translation, quality improvement, and patient safety.

The Office of CPD promotes research and scholarship through faculty CPD Research and Development Grants, Education Research-Scholarship Grants and Continuing Education Awards.

Research and Scholarship Consultations

CPD offers faculty members consultations with our Scholarship Team about projects related to CPD or CPD accredited programs. We can offer assistance with writing grant or ethics applications, study design and analysis, and disseminating your findings. Please contact Morag Paton (morag.paton@utoronto.ca) with a brief description of your idea or study and what kind of support you may need.

Human Research Ethics Protocols Process

The University of Toronto’s process for the submission and review of human research ethics protocols has moved online and instead of emailing completed forms, protocols can now be submitted online through My Research Human Protocols (MRHP). In order to access the My Research Applications (MRA) system, on which MRHP is hosted, faculty members must have research privileges at the University of Toronto. The Research and Innovation Office has compiled a guide for Principal Investigators on how to navigate the system. Faculty who are eligible may also designate access to ethics protocols to staff or students through the MRHP system in order to assist with the submission process.

Recent CPD Scholarship

We are happy to share with you some recent publications/posts related to Continuing Professional Development. Some are authored by colleagues within the University of Toronto while others are topics that may be of interest to the community. Feel free to make additional suggestions to us for inclusion by emailing Morag Paton, Education Research Coordinator.

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  • Sargeant, J., Wong, B. M., & Campbell, C. M. (2018). CPD of the future: a partnership between quality improvement and competency‐based education. Medical education, 52(1), 125-135. https://doi.org/10.1111/medu.13407
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Key Scholarship Resources

Awards & Fellowships

CPD has eight annual Awards in Continuing Education that recognize excellence in research, scholarship, innovation, teamwork and long term commitment to continuing education for faculty at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine. View last years awards winners.

Click on the name of the award to learn more.

Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).

Awards Eligibility

  • All faculty affiliated with U of T Faculty of Medicine are eligible for consideration.
  • Awards are in recognition of U of T accredited Continuing Education courses only.
  • An individual who has been previously nominated and has not won an award remains eligible in a succeeding year. A new submission is required.
  • An individual will not normally be considered for an award if he or she has won the award in the previous five years. They are however eligible to apply in another category.


Vashty Hawkins
(416) 946-7903

CPD R&D Grants

Research & Development grants are intended to support projects that directly relate to the planning, implementation, delivery and evaluation of continuing education for health professionals. Up to $5000 may be awarded.

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