Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare) Credential

CPD is pleased to announce a formal designation for those engaged professionally in the discipline of CPD and in creating CPD programs: the Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare) (CPC (HC)) credential.

Awarded by the Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement, the CPC (HC) recognizes the achievement of those engaged in CPD as leaders, program developers, researchers and administrators, whether physicians or non-physicians.

There are two routes eligible applicants may apply through:

  1. Leadership Route – Senior CPD professionals with significant experience and a demonstrated track record of achievement may apply through this route.
  2. Certificate Route – This route is suited for those who have completed both the CPD Foundations and the Leading and Influencing Change in CPD certificate programs.

The CPC (HC) is a sign of your expertise and accomplishment in CPD, an asset in furthering your career in CPD and acknowledges your professional development, from a Coalition that is comprised of leading medical associations, federations and colleges.

Learn more about the Credential from the CPD Coalition.