Friday, April 12, 2024

730-800 Breakfast & Registration
800-805 Welcome & Introduction


805- 830 Small ventral hernias ( <2cm) – Umbilical hernia repair; Mesh vs no mesh; How small is too small?
Yasser Botros
830-845 Medium ventral henrias (2-7cm) – Debate: Intraperitoneal mesh is bad, isn’t it?
Fady Saleh
845-900 Large ventral hernias ( >7cm) – How I do it: Transversus abdominus release and what mesh should I use.
Megan Melland-Smith
900-915 Whats new in parastomal hernias – The writings in the wall
Steve MacLellan
915-930 Funny hernia emergencies- Femoral, Obturator
Melinda Maggisano
930-945 Q&A
945 – 1000 BREAK

Acute Care Surgery – Bowel

1000-1020 Diverticulitis
Marylise Boutros
1020-1035 Big holes in the duodenum….
Shiva Jayaraman
1035-1050 Rectal (and beyond!) Foreign Bodies
Peter Stotland
1050 – 1105 Malignant bowel obstruction
Eisar Al-Sukhni
1105-1120 The repeat offender- recurrent SBO to operate or not?
Natalya Zhang
1120-1145 Q&A and Panel Discussion
1145-1245 LUNCH

Acute Care Surgery – Non Bowel

1245-100 What to do with bad pancreatitis
Shiva Jayaraman
100-115 Common Myths in Acute Care Surgery
Stephanie Tung
115-130 Laparoscopic Transcystic Common Bile Duct Exploration
David Gomez
130-145 The Symptomatic Liver Cyst
Sean Cleary
145-200 Bariatric Emergencies
Jensen Tan
200-215 Q&A and Discussion
215-245 BREAK

Coping With Adverse Events

245-315 The Impact of Complications on the Surgeon
Helen Macrae
315-345 The Role of Surgical Culture in our Reactions to Adverse Events
Carol-Anne Moulton
345-415 The Surgeon as the Second Victim: Peer Support when Dealing with a Bad Outcomes
Haytham Kaafarani
415-445 Q&A and Discussion