Program Overview

There are 3 parts to the Foundations of QI Program.

  1. Welcome & Orientation

  2. Four Asynchronous eLearning Modules

    1. Learners will encounter several healthcare scenarios that simulate how improvement effects change in the system. They will be asked to participate in different learning activities.
    2. Learners will explore the roles in a QI Team, tools used to identify opportunities for QI (Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys, Process Map), how to identify an effective problem/opportunity statement and the model for improvement.
    3. Learners will re-visit the model for improvement and be introduced to effective aim statements, measures for improvement, and the difference between change concepts and change ideas.
    4. Learners will use the “PDSA” cycle to gather data and determine whether the change idea succeeded. The steps of the cycle are: plan, do , study and act.
  3. Synchronous Digital Learning Workshop (Two Three-Hour Workshops)

    Workshops will be held virtually using Zoom technology. Throughout the 2 workshops, participants will discuss the case for improvement, measurement in quality improvement, change concepts, data collection, sustaining change and more.

Note: All Modules must be completed in order.