Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Over the past year CPD has worked to develop a strategy that will guide its future direction in the Faculty of Medicine. The strategy places a renewed focus on CPD’s academic mission and stakeholders. Using four key strategic priorities areas – Leadership, Innovation, Scholarship and Community – specific goals and objectives have been identified. From these goals and objectives, a 5-year strategic action plan with key performance indicators has been developed.

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Thank you to the following committee members for their contribution to the development of the CPD Strategy and Action Plan.


  • Mark Feldman
  • Debbie Hebert
  • Kate Hodgson
  • Anne Matlow


  • Nadia Ismiil
  • Rory Windram
  • Peter Slinger
  • Susan Glover-Takahashi

Community Involvement

  • Phil Ellison
  • Brian Wong
  • Jeremy Rezmovitz
  • Anna Banerji


  • Sanjeev Sockalingham
  • Walter Tavares
  • Ewa Szumacher
  • Glen Bandiera

Mary-Kay Whittaker (recorder)