CEPD’s Olympic Connection

CEPD’s Olympic connection goes beyond our support for Canada’s athletes. One of our Course Directors, Dr. Julia Alleyne, is serving as the Chief Medical Officer for the Canadian Olympic team at the 2012 London Summer Games. Dr. Alleyne was awarded the CEPD 2009-2010 Colin R. Woolf Award for Excellence in Course Coordination for her 5 Weekend Musculoskeletal Medicine Certificate Program. Having served on the Canadian medical team four times prior in Salt Lake City, Torino, Beijing and Vancouver, she brings a wealth of expertise to London. You can read more about Dr. Alleyne’s experience working with athletes and leadership of the interprofessional Canadian team of renowned sports medicine clinicians here in a recent U of T News interview conducted by Gavin Au-Yeung. With the close of the London games soon approaching, we are assured that Dr. Alleyne has served our athletes well and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of the events, overseeing administration of health services and facilitating peak performance.