Awards & Fellowships

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is proud to annually recognize and celebrate the excellence, innovation and impact of our CPD community members through 8 different awards.

The following CPD Awards are available annually:

Terms of Reference

In the section below, you will find the terms of reference applicable to all awards. In the individual award links, you will find additional award criteria, notes on eligibility and submission requirements.

  • All faculty affiliated with University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine are eligible for these awards
  • For reference purposes, we are using the following World Federation of Medical Education definition of CPD although we expand this definition to include all health professionals affiliated with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto: CPD “refers to the continuing development of the multi-faceted nature of medical practice, covering – in addition to knowledge and skills of medical practice – the wider domains of professionalism (e.g. medical, managerial, social and personal subjects) needed for high quality professional performance. It includes all activities that health professionals undertake, formally and informally to maintain, update, develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes in response to the needs of their patients.” (pg 17). Activities related to undergraduate, postgraduate, or fellowship programs are recognized through other awards in the Faculty.
  • Nominations should be made by a faculty member, preferably a departmental chair, departmental CPD director, or designate. Self-nominations will not be considered, with the exception of the Dave Davis Research and David Fear Fellowship awards only
  • Career awards (Colin Woolf Award for Long Term Contributions to CPD and Colin Woolf Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching of CPD) are intended for individuals not pairs/groups
  • All nomination packages must be submitted in electronic format (eg. PDF file or files)
  • Individuals who have already won an award will not be considered eligible for five successive years (inclusive) in the same category
  • An individual or group can be nominated in more than one award category however separate nominations must be made
  • Each award nomination requires its own application and documentation specific to the award in which the individual/group has been nominated

Closing date for nominations is midnight November 30 for programs developed during in the previous academic year (If November 30 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the following business day). Assessment for Career awards (eg. Colin Woolf award for long-term contribution or Colin Woolf Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching of CPD) can draw more broadly and from years prior to support the application.

How to Submit a Nomination

To submit a nomination, please email all required documents in PDF format to Vashty Hawkins at by November 30.

CPD Awards & Fellowships

Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).


Vashty Hawkins
(416) 946-7903