Education Research/Scholarship Grants

Internal Education Scholarship Grant Opportunities

Faculty of Medicine Education Development Fund (EDF)

This Faculty-wide grant is currently on hold and under revision.

External Education Scholarship Grant Opportunities

AAMC Group on Education Affairs (GEA) National Grant Award

About the award: The GEA seeks to fund research projects that address important problems or questions in medical education. Proposals that foster collaboration are strongly encouraged. This includes collaborations among GEA sections (UME, GME, CPD), across GEA regions (CGEA, NEGEA, SGEA, WGEA) and/or proposals that engage multiple schools, professions or departments. As a member of the NEGEA, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine faculty members are eligible to apply.

Value: Multiple projects may be funded each year up to $10,000 each up to a two-year grant period. The number of proposals funded per year will depend upon the GEA budget and proposal quality.


CAME Wooster Family Grant in Medical Education

About the Grant: CAME offers four grants to support new and innovative scholarly projects in Health Professions Education to learners and faculty at all stages. Projects that are not part of larger, formalized and funded education research program are eligible for funding.

Value: The maximum available funds per application are $5000, which can be spread over 12 months of support. There is a maximum of $20,000.00 in funds across the four grants.


Canadian Association of Emergency Physician’s (CAEP) Research Grant

About the Grant: Physicians, fellows, and residents working in diverse academic, non-academic, community, and rural settings are encouraged to submit Research Grant Proposals. The Principal Investigator (PI) and Supervisor (for Residents and Fellows only) must be current CAEP members.

Value: There are 3 categories of grants available ranging from $5000-$10000.


Gold Foundation Research Institute – Mapping the Landscape, Journeying Together

About the Grant: Offers funding to conduct literature reviews related to humanistic care/education.

Value: up to $5000 (USD)


Medical Council of Canada (MCC) Research in Clinical Assessment Grant

About the Grant: This intended to support innovations in the assessment of clinical competence or performance of students, postgraduate trainees or practitioners. Priority will be given to proposals that show promise in contributing to the knowledge and understanding of measurement in clinical assessment and to clinical program evaluation methods for medical education. The proposal must focus on research, not development, in the assessment of performance or clinical assessment.

Value: up to $37,500 per year


The PSI Foundation

About the Grant: There are a number of opportunities available, including education and health research grants, a new investigator grant, an education fellowship for practicing physicians and a new grant in mental health research.

Value: Variable depending on funding stream


Royal College Medical Education Grant

About the Grant: This grant is intended to support quality research in Canada that will advance the field of postgraduate medical education or continuing professional development. Applicants must be involved in teaching and/or medical education research in Canada. Applications may be individual or joint, involving one or more departments, disciplines, or faculties of medicine. It is not necessary to be a Fellow of the Royal College or a physician; however, a Fellow of the Royal College must contribute to the research project.

Value: $5000-50,000


Royal College Professional Development Funding Opportunities

About this funding: The Royal College supports continuing professional development and professional practice. These grants support medical educators, clinicians and researchers working across a range of disciplines, health settings and environments. These funding opportunities include travelling fellowships that support national and international travel to centres of excellence, and development grants to support accredited activities, including a grant dedicated to self-assessment and simulation (Section 3) activity development. All professional development funding is restricted to Fellows (with some open to senior residents who will be eligible for Fellowship during the funding period).

Value: Variable


Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) – Phil R. Manning Research Award

About the Grant: This grant is to support original, scientific research related to physician and/or health professional lifelong learning. Recipients must be members of SACME.

Value: provides up to $50,000 (USD) over 2 years


The Spencer Foundation

About the Grant: This organization is largely US-based has some grants are open to Canadian applicants. The Foundation is committed to supporting high-quality investigation of education through its research programs and to strengthening and renewing the educational research community through its fellowship and training programs and related activities.

Value: Variable depending on funding stream


Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund

About the Grant: This opportunity provides support for research or development of innovative assessment approaches that will enhance the evaluation of those preparing to, or continuing to, practice medicine. 

Value: up to $150,000 (USD) for up to two years.


Other ways to find funding

Pivot is a database of funding opportunities. The database provides a list of funding opportunities as based on your departmental appointments, research interests, publication and granting history, and other profile information.

Tri-council funding Information on CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC funding can be found on the University of Toronto Research and Innovation website.

Please also check with your hospital and academic departments for discipline specific opportunities.