2018-2019 CPD Grants

Grants received by UofT CPD Scholarship Team and UofT Faculty related to CPD/Scholarship: Total Number – 13, Total value: $279,231.

2018, Feldman M., Canadian Paediatric Society’s Position Statement MCQ Self-Assessment Project, RCPSC 2018 Assessment Activity Development Grant, $10000.

2018-2023, Ng, S., Improving Health Professions Education and Practice for Patients with Complex Needs., Early Researcher Award (ERA). Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Science, $150000.

2019-June 2020, Soklaridis S, Kuper A, Paton M, MacLeod A, Le Blanc C, Silver I, Whitehead C., Beyond “Mini-Me” and #MeToo: Building Physicians’ Leadership Capacity to Support the Success of People with Diverse Needs and Experiences, The Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, Seed Grant, $6548.

2019-June 2021, Kulasegaram M, Feldman M, Martimianakis MA, Fernando O, Khan T, Supporting Self-Directed Learning and Transfer through Testing in CME, The Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education, The Phil R. Manning Award, $65487.

2019-Dec 2019, Parker K (PI), Bellicoso D, Tassone M, Vilhena B, Sinclair L, Shaver J, Lowe M, Creede C, Exploring unintended impact of CPD: Using a Utilization-Focused evaluation approach to inform program decision, Office of CPD, Research and Development Grant, $4120.

2019-Dec 2019, Zenlea I (PI), Fierheller D, Martel S, Shariff S., Raising Awareness, Building Sensitivity, Co-Creating Strategies: An Innovative CPD Curriculum Pilot to Address Weight-Based Discrimination in Healthcare Through Lived Experience Educator Podcasts and Workshop, Office of CPD, Research and Development Grant, $3550.

2019-Dec 2019, Piquette D (PI), Clark M, Fraser K, Tavares W, Simulation as a CPD Strategy: A Scoping Review, Office of CPD, Research and Development Grant, $3958.

2019-Dec 2019, Seth R (PI), Tron V, Kapur A, Arab-O’Brien D, Best Practices in Medicine: Evaluating the Impact of a Personalized audit and feedback portfolio on health care practitioners resource utilization, Office of CPD, Research and Development Grant, $5000.

2018-June 2019, Bilbily A, Cicero M, 16 Bit―Using data-driven intel for system efficiency, Joule Innovation Grant, $5000.

2019-July 2020, Dragonetti R, Selby P (Co-Pis), Nirula L, Simulation Training for Implementing an Opioid De-implementation Clinical Pathway, Office of CPD, Research and Development Grant, $4968.

2018-March 2019, Ng S, Albert A, Baker L, Charise A, Wright S, Woods N., Fixing the Broken Links: Toward Integrating Social Sciences and Humanities and Health Professions Education., Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Connection Grant, $10000.

2019-Sept 2020, Baker L, Friesen F, Ng S., Online Supplement (OS) for Demonstrating the Impact of Scholarship in Health Professions education, Department of Psychiatry Excellence Funds CPA. Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto, $4244.3400000000001.

2019-Aug 2020, Szumacher E (PI), Henry-Noel, N, Karrim A, Wong R, Paton M, Soliman H, Di Prospero L, Harnett N, D’Angelis C, Desai C, Harth T, To Investigate Barriers to Cancer Patient Engagement in the Continuing Professional Development Programs within the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Toronto: A Qualitative Study, Sunnybrook SEAC ERU Education Research and Scholarship Grant, $6356.

CPD Awards & Fellowships

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Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).


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