Colin Woolf Sustained Excellence in Teaching of CPD

Colin Woolf Sustained Excellence in Teaching of CPD

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment to and excellence in teaching
  • Demonstrated subject mastery
  • Demonstrated excellence in the ability to stimulate and engage learners (for example through creativity, innovation, style, enthusiasm, commitment, effectiveness and/or originality)
  • Demonstrated effective use of appropriate teaching resources and instructional methodologies

Award Eligibility

  • All faculty affiliated with University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine are eligible for the award; minimum of 5 years CPD teaching experience for consideration
  • Please refer to Terms of Reference for further details

Required Submission Documents

  • Executive summary and letter of nomination that addresses the award criteria, outlining the nominee’s accomplishments, and the nominator’s reasons for supporting the nomination. Please describe the nominee’s creativity, innovation, style, enthusiasm, commitment, effectiveness and originality in teaching
  • Up to date CV highlighting CPD teaching activities and invited talks or presentations (including, if relevant, repeated invitations or keynote speaker invitations)
  • Summary of evaluation/outcome data from multiple teaching endeavors (please do not submit raw evaluation data)
  • Participant comments
  • Two letters of peer support (letter or email accepted)

Optional Submission Documents

  • Program material including handout-outs, web pages or syllabi. Please include a brief description of this material and why it is relevant to the nomination

Award value


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Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).


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