David Fear Fellowship

Dr. David Fear exemplified the role that may be played by active clinicians and educators in the development, coordination and promotion of CPD at the level of departments, hospitals, communities and across the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Fear was an anesthetist at the Hospital for Sick Children, active in the University´s Department of Anaesthesia, where he served as Director of Continuing Education, and the Chair of the Faculty Council Committee on Continuing Education. Until his untimely death in June 1997, his leadership in clinical, educational and administrative roles was instrumental in raising awareness of, and competence in, CPD.

The David Fear Fellowship is intended to support faculty members who wish to develop or enhance their competence or skills in CPD, their scholarship or their professional development. The fellowship can be used to support a number of different types of activities, including:

  • Protected time to develop an educational grant application
  • Protected time to develop an innovative CPD program, or program component
  • Protected time or financial support to participate in educational leadership programs (emphasizing CPD)
  • Protected time or financial support to engage in site visits to other university CPD departments with similar programs.

It is not anticipated that the fellowship will cover all expenses, and may be matched by other funds, either personal or departmental.

Award Criteria

  • Evidence of a clearly articulated ‘gap’ or ‘need’ (in the individual and/or to CPD in general)
  • Clear description of the proposed activity
  • Demonstrated value or intended impact of the intended activity to the individual and/or to CPD in general (in terms of growth and potential impact)
  • Demonstrated consideration of potential feasibility issues related to the activity.
  • Evidence of planned knowledge translation strategy and/or scholarly dissemination (if relevant)


  • Can be self-nominated
  • There are a wide variety of projects that would be eligible for this fellowship support. This includes formal scholarly work, developing a related teaching tool or program, further study related to education at the CPD level. It is not anticipated that the fellowship award will cover all expenses and may be matched by other funds, either personal or departmental
  • Support for this fellowship will be a maximum of $2,000, available in a one-year period
  • The Fellow is obliged to acknowledge the University of Toronto David Fear Fellowship in relevant presentations, publications as appropriate
  • Once the professional development activity has occurred, the fellow will provide a one-page report to the CPD Awards Adjudication Chair, c/o Vashty Hawkins. Please refer to Terms of Reference for further details

Required Submission Documents

  • A letter or project proposal from the applicant that addresses the fellowship criteria and relevant to the particular proposed activity If the purpose is to develop certain skills, knowledge or expertise in CPD this should be clearly described. If the purpose is to develop an innovation, then the innovation needs to be clearly described. The applicant should also describe how this fellowship support will enable them (in full or in part) to accomplish these goals
  • Submit a full budget for this project and note if there are other sources of funding
  • A letter of support from a departmental chair, departmental CPD director, or designate. Up to date CV (maximum 10 pages)

Award Value

Up to $2,000.00 to cover expenses over a one-year period.

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Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).


Vashty Hawkins
(416) 946-7903