Dave Davis Research Award

Dr. Dave Davis has had a long and distinguished career in CPD at the University of Toronto. He was the Associate Dean of Continuing Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto from 1994-2005, and laid the groundwork for the concept of evidence-based CPD. He authored several seminal publications outlining what education delivery methods are effective agents of change for changing behaviours of health professionals leading to improved patient outcomes. In 2001, he established the University of Toronto Knowledge Translation research program. Dr. Davis continues to study, present, and disseminate his impactful work to the CPD community. The Dave Davis Research Award recognizes an outstanding completed research/scholarly project in Continuing Professional Development in the Faculty of Medicine.

Award Criteria

  • Excellence in project design (including – if appropriate, the use of theory, the clarity of the research question (or identification of a gap), the soundness of the methodological design, and the fit of the design and methods to the scholarly question)
  • Evidence of completed knowledge translation and/or scholarly dissemination
  • Demonstrated impact of project


  • Co-PIs are eligible
  • Can be self-nominated
  • This award is for research/scholarship related to CPD only
  • Please refer to Terms of Reference for further details

Required Submission Documents

  • Write up of the research project (maximum 3,000 words) including:
    • Background/Rationale
    • Objectives/Research Questions
    • Methodology
    • Outcomes
    • Discussion and conclusion
    • Impact on the field of CPD
  • List of project team members
  • A letter of support from a departmental chair, departmental CPD director, or designate.
  • Abbreviated CV (maximum 10 pages for each PI)
  • Optional Submission Requirements

  • Abstracts or copy/copies of publications or presentations related to the project (PDF or PPT format)

Award Value


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Awards Deadline

Deadline for nominations for the previous academic year is November 30 (If November 30 falls on a weekend the deadline will be the following working day).


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